Alive Chat September 23, 2021 - #AliveAndThriving: Luke Is Alive - Are You Up For The Hunt?

In today's Alive Chat we talk about the Luke Is Alive contest, and also ask if you are up for the hunt of Luke The Listbuilder in the Scavenger Hunt, plus Mike will also swing by to answer your questions, enjoy your Thursday!

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Alive Chat September 23, 2021

This is the Alive Chat for today, come and hang out with the We Are Alive Tribe, get support and ask any question, and share news and ideas.

Meaningful comments will be upvoted with ALIVE Power to reward them with ALIVE tokens, has a 5k AP delegation from @aliveprojects.

Plus we have a task to engage with each day of the week, see schedule below.

ALIVE token earnings on the account will be used to fund our Alive Tipping bot on @youarealive, and what is not needed for that will be staked.

Earnings of liquid Hive will be used to buy ALIVE tokens on the market and used the same way as above.

#AliveAndThriving: Luke Is Alive - Are You Up For The Hunt?

So the #LukeIsAlive contest is run by @maddogmike on the @lukeisalive account, and more info about it can be found in the Luke Is Alive Community.

To take part you go and hunt for Luke The Listbuilder in the Scavenger Hunt which is part of ClickTrackProfit, take screenshots when you find Luke each time and then make a post about it that is at least 50 words long, and use tags #LukeIsAlive, #ctp and #alive.

So are you up for the hunt?

Mike will swing by later to answer any question that you might have.

Enjoy your Thursday!

Weekly Schedule

This is the weekly schedule for Alive Chat, and all is to help you be #AliveAndThriving.

  • Monday: Plan Your New Week
  • Tuesday: BRO and Brofi
  • Wednesday: Stake ALIVE
  • Thursday: Luke Is Alive
  • Friday: Share Your Friday
  • Saturday: Engagement grow your network
  • Sunday: Hive Goals Weekly

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Use command !ALIVE in a comment to send a tip, and do make sure to add a space just before and after to make sure it works correctly.

We Are Alive Tribe

The We Are Alive Tribe is located on and the ALIVE token on Hive-engine is our native rewards token, it uses a linear rewards curve and splits the rewards 50/50 between authors/curators.

The 4 Points Of The #IAmAliveChallenge

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The 4 Points Of #AliveAndThriving

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Chat Hosts

Chat host is @flaxz and co-host is @edgerik.

Thank You!

Thanks for reading the post and please enjoy chatting with the We Are Alive Tribe below, and ...

Stay safe, awesome and alive.

Alive Chat

Written by @flaxz


So let's start, and please ask your questions to @maddogmike as he will swing by later to answer them, and enjoy your Thursday!