Crypto Strategy, My Car Keys and Your Wallet


What a Crypto swing, lately!



Sharing some more about my life and crypto today...

The last time I lost the keys to my car was a while ago.
When I finally found them - they were staring right at me, laying comfortably in the most obvious place of all, of course, and I couldn’t help but…
... recall checking out that very spot at least a couple of times as I was rummaging all over the place for them.

It reminds me of one of my friend’s crypto approach.

First, crypto is the obvious place for anyone to make money these days.

It’s not just because crypto had a couple of bull runs. The first huge one was in 2017, people made money, then it crashed and people lost money.

Now we’re seeing another one. And I’m not a financial advisor or a professional trader, but the way I see it, this time it’s supported by fundamentals. Crypto is permeating the fabric of the world as we know it at an unprecedented pace.

Do you need a bull run at the market to profit from it, though?

If you approach it like most people, you might need a little bit of luck like that on your side. My friend’s approach doesn’t need that. It works when the market is going up, down, or sideways.
Anyway, to each its own.

Second, crypto is also something a lot of people have looked at… but didn’t find all that special or profitable.


Just like the place I finally found my car keys at, crypto is something that has been here for a while. And maybe you’ve decided it’s not for you - it might’ve seemed too volatile, or chaotic. Or maybe you’ve already lost some money with it.

Which is another reason why I'm loving my friend’s approach. But I am not promoting it or any other strategy. Sometimes, it's just great to consult, brainstorm with someone like I am doing with my friend.

It doesn’t matter if the market is volatile and chaotic or still and calm like a lake just before the sunrise in the summer.

You’ll thrive either way. It's just my humble opinion.

Finally, you’re going to experience the feeling of all pieces of the money-making puzzle falling into place.

Listen, I’m not saying this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It might be. It might be not. But, if you do your research and find some good and free resources on Hive, other blockchain, youtube, reddit, etc. and those can guide you through creating your own strategy, then your system might become beyond belief.

And, hey! You can even share it to others or sell it!


I’ve seen, tried, and vetted more than a few opportunities online. 99.9999% couldn’t touch the one my friend has created for himself.

My feeling was…

“This is what an online income stream should look like!”

Very much like the car keys. When I was looking for them, I did have a feeling they’d be on the kitchen counter somewhere. Still, when I finally found them (after looking for like 3 times)… you can’t imagine the relief it brought.

It's a good day to create your own crypto strategy or to improve the one that you already have. Think in terms of stocks, trading, investing, hodl, diversifying, etc. Whatever works for you!
Maybe you reading this article are ready to build more for your future self!

Thanks for reading!

PS: is live on our Hive blockchain!
Congrats, @rob23!
ivers! This new website can position your income to a new perspective.
Highly recommended!



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