Entrepreneurs, Be a Leo and Dunk Your Uniqueness! - Apply This in The Blockchain as Well


These times are changing fast and they are in a continuous shift.
I see so many people troubled and puzzled about What's next.



There's so much information and such a tricky proof of feasibility. Not on the blockchain. Luckily, things are transparent and clear here.

And when I am asked about some new Kung Fu entrepreneurial moves...I make a simple summary of what I am about to write right now.

Do you have an online business in the blockchain or maybe you want to build one?

---- a game, a betting website, a front-end, etc.

Have you ever asked yourself why anyone would pick YOU over someone else?

There are thousands of options (usually) for customers to pick from.
So can you define why they’d pick you? Usually, we entrepreneurs have already identified this . . . but not always.

I’m talking about your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).


It’s the thing that makes you, or your business, preferred over the competition. It’s what makes you better. Or even the BEST.
This doesn’t just mean different from the rest, either. It means the unique qualities you have are highly desirable. So desirable are they that customers are willing to pay premiums for them. Your USP even helps defend against competitors, because they can’t top you.

Why do you need a USP?

Aside from what I already mentioned, you need a USP to tell your story to prospects, customers, investors, anyone who will listen.
Your story is what people are going to buy. You tribe engagement if you have a front-end, the quality of your service, the value of your token, and the credibility of your business. And when faced with parting with their money, people will ask themselves, “what are the alternatives?” and “is there something better out there?” And that’s when they must realize how truly unique you and your company are. That there is nothing else out there remotely close to what you bring to the table.
Notice the blockchain applications and see where your business can fit perfectly well.


Here’s what to think about for your USP.

Try not to overthink the creation of your USP. And if you already have one, it’s a good idea to go through this exercise to make sure your USP is still true! (Look, the competition’s always breathing down your neck.)

Think about what you offer the market. Look at the features and benefits. Consider the problems you solve for customers. Does it all look like what everyone else has to offer to potential customers . . .

. . . or is yours different...and better: in a key area?

For example, does your approach help small businesses just like the competitors’ do . . . but at a fraction of the cost?
Or if you’re a sales training professional: Sure, you teach sales professionals how to close more deals . . . but in a way that plays to each person’s strengths instead of shoring up weaknesses?

source and my example for what I have written above, not a recommendation, though

People are attracted to unique YOU. To a unique business

Think about the concept of a USP. The operative word is “unique.” It implies something intrinsically more valuable because it’s not the same cookie-cutter options available everywhere.

Now think about yourself as an entrepreneur: You are unique yourself. You bring unique experiences and skills to the table. The task now is to package yourself up and define your own USP. This is your superpower.

If you dig deep and look at the whole package, the USP will come through. And the people you want to attract, and do business with, will see it.

Give it a try. Then shoot me a comment here to let me know what you came up with for your business . . . and for YOU.

To your success!

PS: Here is a very simple, minimalistic example of a project that used the USP for their approach in the blockchain:


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