Prosperity, Don't Whisper Into My Ear! Looking for Hoo-mans Beyond Crypto.



Here I am again on a lazy Monday. Aly decided to postpone her Hive joining by fall maybe when we'll contact an agency for nannies.

So, I thought I might bring some ideas into this context of what we do and how we do stuff.

Most personal development gurus are great at explaining your success (or your inability to succeed) post factum. After the fact.

I have a very little problem with them taking credit for some of their downright quacky tactics working if you succeed - it’s on their conscience…...but I have a big axe to grind with them for blaming you if you’re not able to succeed.
I don’t like that they make it your fault.
You didn’t do this or didn’t do that.

Complete BS!

Let’s talk about how you actually get more money and wealth into your life.

When you start looking for answers, it gets confusing quickly. At least that was my experience when I started digging recently.




On one hand, you have the self-help gurus harping on about how you “attract what you focus on.”
They say, if you focus on poverty, you’re going to attract that in your life. And if you focus on abundance, that’s what you’re going to attract. On the surface, this seems simple. In reality… not so much.

For example, how can you practice gratitude for something that you don’t have, in order to attract it?

Or, how does focusing on the image of money help you notice and leverage more opportunities that have the potential of making you wealthy?

So what do you do instead?

Well, what if we elevate our thinking and look at it from a broader point of view?

You see, I recently learned that money and wealth are really just mere elements of...Prosperity. Which, finally, made it click for me.

Where did I learn that?

By interacting with this gentleman: Jason might know him if you're into Growth and #rapidcrushes.

Here’s the really interesting part.
In order to attract prosperity, you don’t have to become someone else. For example, you don’t need to adopt any habits you don’t want to - like, there’s no point in getting up at 5 am if you function best at 10 pm.

But what then?

You need to become more you.



You already have an algorithm - a step-by-step method you execute subconsciously - that puts you at a certain level of prosperity.

You only need to crack it in order to get any results you want.

It’s a lot like Google’s algorithm in that regard. If you know how it works, you can manipulate almost any site to the top position.

Let's have some "serious fun":



And you can manipulate your own prosperity algorithm to put yourself at any level of prosperity you want.

Let me go further and put it this way:

Chances are, that you’re holding your phone and reading this article from Ecency maybe or Leofinance, POB, etc. on it. Many Hive peers are using their mobile devices for reading articles.

The average person picks up their phone about 150 times per day, as I know. Nothing interesting about that. Right?

Yet, if you asked someone to explain… in great detail… how an article is sent, how it reaches their phone, how is it able to display it, what they press in order to read it, and so on and so forth… you’ll be met with a blank stare.

Like, “jeez, dude, I’m just trying to read an email!!!”.



It’s a perfect example of various algorithms ruling our lives.

And there’s also an algorithm that determines your wealth. Another that determines your health. Yet another for how much time (and how much of it is quality time) you spend with people you love.

There’s also an algorithm that determines the level of your prosperity. Especially in HIVE.

And the wonderful news is…you can crack it… and make it get you any results you want!

Do I want to do this?

No. I just want to come by. Maybe find some good friends around. And be able to write freely, maybe even more, in time...I find Hive to be a personal space for me besides the crypto values...looking for human value as well.

BUT some of us are here for the CHANCE Hive is offering to create a future, to build a small or big fortune and I appreciate these people who are striving daily and for them, I am writing this article so that you all know that it's all in the algorithm and I support your efforts with admiration!


Thanks for reading this!

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