Instead of a New Era of Roaring '20s - Business and Social Changes



Going back 1 year ago when I was not married and having no kid and still having some time to travel where the restrictions were not that high. And I'm thinking:

Have you heard of the “Roaring ’20s”?
You know, flappers, speakeasies, giggle water… sounds like they had a lot of fun back in the day.
When 2020 dawned, millions of people from America and globally were excited to welcome a new round of Roaring ‘20s…

But what happened instead?


Well, it was anything but “roaring”…

I was thinking about this today. What we've really “enjoyed” in the ‘20s?

Here are some pieces of the global "happiness":

  • unprecedented lockdowns
  • a dubious pandemic
  • volatility in the markets
  • soaring inflation
  • skyrocketing prices
  • shortages, lot’s of shortages

You see where I’m going here. And you know this exactly because we're all in the same boat.

Still focusing on America, because lately, I am analyzing some socio-political aspects.
The country is more divided and chaotic than ever, and it's sitting on top of a precarious bubble that will pop at any moment.

We have an entire generation of children who are behind in school and traumatized anywhere, not just in the USA. And I wonder: what do they have to look forward to now?
I'm having a newborn baby. What will be the future for my girl?

The USA and other nations seem to be divided along racial lines. And a media that is pushing the narrative (from both sides) that we can’t trust one another anymore.

Another thing, good or bad....I tend to trust the second choice.
There are smart investors abandoning the dollar in droves, while they're choosing instead to turn to cryptos which will only accelerate our many FIAT currency devaluation. Change is taking place. And I'm OK with entrepreneurs going into Crypto. I'm not really a fan of big corporations playing in the crypto field.

Fear...I've seen many elements in media that US has a huge fear towards China developments. I know UK has a great economy based on transactions with China and this worked well, so I don't think anybody should fear others while they can just improve on what they have already.

In too many ways, it seems we’re falling backwards, not marching forward. Mentally, I mean. Believe me, your awareness level already puts you ten steps ahead of the masses. So, let's consider ourselves free of these global things, even if the impact is on crypto value, let's do what we can to stay "decentralized" and have a clear mind, vision and goals here in the blockchain and in the crypto world.

Just some ideas crossing through my mind today.
Thanks for reading.

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