Three Poems from a Year Ago



This is blatant profiteering.
I watch the green lines and I long.
I watch the red ones and I wish I was short.
We're all convinced it's the next big thing.

From the pages of word-splattered history,
and the charts by which we navigate the stars,
from the scores of symphonies that sit on dusty shelves,
I scratch together my lessons.

Will this leather-bound volume contain my answer?
I need to know.
Will the line go up or down next?
Will it follow the pattern of maths and machines?
Or will it dance to the clicks of a horde of addicts?

Tell me!



Not another blank-page poem.
Writer's block blah blah blah.
It's a hard life trying to come up with this shit.

Two months now. A hiatus.
And what's worse, in this day and age, it needs a thumbnail.
Can somebody make me a thumbnail?

Oh. No one can hear.
And no one is listening.
And no one is likely to read.

What if this is some new kind of Shakespeare?
Dante making passionate love to Dickinson?
A postmodern magnum opus?

Hilarious. As if. Dream on.
What we have here is a strong case of delusion,
mixed with a mild amount of self-aggrandisement.

And yet it's still an act of balancing on a tight-rope -
of getting to this point without you clicking away.


Blade's Edge

Come along and join us. Come dance,
before we cut loose. Before we explode.

Independence is not always power,
but distance is always ambiguous.
Progress rules with an iron fist.

This discount is valid until the first of the month.
Clip it out with scissors.
Claim it to become an unfashionable figure.
You will never know the rebirth of flight again.
But you probably already knew that.

Temptation is an outdated concept.
There isn't always innuendo in growth.
I don't want to hear about your discipline.
In a moment your enjoyment could vanish
and be rendered impossible.

Cut to the chase to the quick like a knife.
There's nothing profound to see here.

All of these poems have only been published once, by myself on my own publish0x a year ago.

There are a few more to come which I want to put here for posterity, because there are no other copies in existence.


These were worth a 100%, but my VP is lean, so I had to give 50%. I liked this:

And yet it's still an act of balancing on a tight-rope -
of getting to this point without you clicking away

I didn't click away :))


Wonderful response. Very encouraging. I have a few more to come over the next little while. They're slowly making their way via this blog into some kind of collection I'm beginning to think about. Hope you'll check back in.