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Curation reward: 2.429 CTP for davidxxl/larry-s-summer-in-naples-7be01e624944e
Curation reward: 2.369 CTP for dmhafiz/hunting-larry-on-thursday-the-e10fb9a51d4b8
Curation reward: 2.402 CTP for ourpick/our-pick-reading-suggestions-for-september-23rd-rio0d8
Curation reward: 2.427 CTP for imfarhad/myhivegoals-september-week-4-progress-and-updates
Curation reward: 2.353 CTP for mk992039/let-s-hunt-the-larry-b76d9f6378815
Curation reward: 2.427 CTP for stevermac1966/horse-racing-follow-the-tipster-22nd-september-rinq6c
Curation reward: 2.333 CTP for guurry123/hunting-larry-437-leadsleap
Curation reward: 2.421 CTP for alokkumar121/a-good-laugh-anytime-makes-us-feel-good-and-energized
Curation reward: 2.435 CTP for guurry123/shadow-contest-smash-contest-237
Curation reward: 2.466 CTP for mypathtofire/first-games-in-gods-unchained
Curation reward: 2.481 CTP for jongolson/the-gamification-of-a-hive-journey
Curation reward: 2.478 CTP for firstborn.pob/ask-leo-don-t-become-a-leo-thief
Curation reward: 2.515 CTP for successchar/my-hive-goals-2022-or-alive-and-thriving
Curation reward: 2.474 CTP for castri-ja/bry9wgfsuycltz648wv5jb
Curation reward: 2.525 CTP for rcaine/wbfrwpvu
Curation reward: 2.476 CTP for imfarhad/thursday-fiver
Curation reward: 2.556 CTP for ourpick/our-pick-reading-suggestions-for-september-22nd-rimbnj
Curation reward: 2.621 CTP for giono/what-s-important-is
Curation reward: 2.656 CTP for mk992039/let-s-hunt-the-larry-cc000eecae65
Curation reward: 2.716 CTP for davidxxl/larry-s-summer-in-naples-779dd3267e425
Curation reward: 2.382 CTP for thoth442/larry-is-alive-hunt-4
Curation reward: 2.708 CTP for alokkumar121/how-much-screen-time-you-consume-everyday
Curation reward: 2.664 CTP for bigtakosensei/my-wax-nft-journey-using-procreate-pocket-as-an-inexpensive-way-to-create-amazing-art-and-legendary-wax-nft-pack-pickups
Curation reward: 2.698 CTP for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-highlighting-awesome-posts-plus-prize-drawing-september-21-2022
Curation reward: 2.665 CTP for alive.chat/alive-chat-september-21-2022
Received 0.5 CTP from ctptips You received a 0.5CTP tip from @jongolson!
Curation reward: 2.686 CTP for yeckingo1/rising-star-giveaway-win-1-b0301adb1e53a
Received 1526.111 CTP from alokkumar121
Curation reward: 2.622 CTP for taskmaster4450/u-s-bill-would-temporarily-ban-algorithmic-stablecoins-like-hbd
Curation reward: 2.653 CTP for aslehansen/movers-and-shakers-of-the-pob-top-100-week-37-2022
Curation reward: 2.625 CTP for stevermac1966/horse-racing-follow-the-tipster-21st-september
Curation reward: 2.641 CTP for denmarkguy/dreams-ambitions-and-aspirations-working-towards-goals-or-chasing-illusions-and-fantasies
Curation reward: 2.649 CTP for guurry123/on-going-contests-challenge-on-hive-updated-on-09-september-2022-participate-and-earn
Curation reward: 2.667 CTP for mk992039/rising-star-giveaway-500-starbits-fbeb546713062
Curation reward: 2.684 CTP for lukeisalive/larry-is-alive-daily-prize-drawing-september-19-2022
Curation reward: 2.402 CTP for aslehansen/movers-and-shakers-of-the-leo-top-100-week-37-2022
Curation reward: 2.388 CTP for giono/own-fear
Curation reward: 2.403 CTP for alokkumar121/learning-and-implementation-both-are-important-to-use-one-after-another
Curation reward: 2.394 CTP for hive-id/dry-leaves-4801ebeaca886
Curation reward: 2.433 CTP for mypathtofire/three-tune-tuesday-spanish-guitar
Curation reward: 2.394 CTP for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-weekly-payouts-to-delegators-177-plus-prize-drawing
Curation reward: 2.414 CTP for playbyhive/daily-rising-star-giveaway-2000-starbits-per-day-rihdrt
Curation reward: 2.387 CTP for ph1102/expect-unexpected-workerbee-ph-pool-week-84
Curation reward: 2.391 CTP for generikat/do-you-ever
Curation reward: 2.41 CTP for flaxz/announcement-we-are-now-paying
Curation reward: 2.429 CTP for darmst5339/motivational-monday-start-with-yourself
Curation reward: 2.476 CTP for rzc24-nftbbg/triple-double-strike
Curation reward: 2.442 CTP for aslehansen/movers-and-shakers-of-the-ctp-top-100-week-37-2022
Curation reward: 2.459 CTP for alokkumar121/we-should-put-our-mind-heart-and-soul-even-in-to-smaller-activities
Curation reward: 2.484 CTP for giono/lolos-kesempatanku
Curation reward: 2.497 CTP for guurry123/hunting-larry-433-leadsleap
Curation reward: 2.55 CTP for mypathtofire/shopping-for-vegan-food-products
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