Leo Magazine #37: SocialFi , USDC on Polkadot, BSC on Thorchain, Citigroup and Deutsche Bank plus more!



Here is another edition of LeoFinance Magazine and we have picked some of the best articles published in leofinance.io this week for your read. You just need to sit back and enjoy the selections.


SocialFi Hype: PostTech, PolyFriend, TipCoin, PolyFriend by @idiosyncratic1SocialFi is a combo of DeFi and social media and this time its on hype. This seems like a good project and this article can help you get more information about it.Check more about SocialFi in this article
Understanding what is forking, soft fork and hard fork by @tfame3865Its important for us to know the basic keywords and terminologies. This helps us understand things in a better way and the author has explained it well through this post, you can find more in this article


Web3 Could Offer Promising Career Opportunities by @haveyoursayWeb3 is growing and its getting more adoption worldwide. It may be an early stage to consider career opportunities but it can surely be the same as explained in this post. There are multiple tasks/roles shared in the post.Read this post for more
Why Investment and Asset Management Need Cryptos by @travelwritemoneyLearning about Investment and Asset Management is kind of never-ending process and the more we learn makes us play better in market. Why crypto is a need for investment is discussed in this postLearn more in the article


why Ethereum Could Become the Global Blockchain by @fexoniceEthereum is a leading blockchain and its coin ETH is also a top altcoin. This chain is so popular despite having high transaction fees and there are 7 possible reasons why this chain could become the global blockchain. Read more here
USDC now gets into the Polkadot Ecosystem by @esmeesmithUSDC is a digital currency that is pegged to the USD. This is a stablecoin in the form of USD and now this is available on polkadot hain. Now users on the polkadot ecosystem can use USDC for various purposes Read more here


BNB Smart Chain is live on @Thorchain by @gungunkrishuIf you are a user of thorchain and then there is a good reason for you to be happy as BNB Smart Chain is now live on this protocol. It seems that Thorchain is trying to add valuable stuff to the platform. Check out this post for more details about this update
5 Ways to Create a Revenue Stream on Web 3.0 by @idksamad78699Web 3.0 is getting more popularity and its adoption is growing with each passing day. There can be multiple ways to create revenue streams in this segment and the author has discussed 5 reasons. This can be a useful article for you if you are looking for such information. Read this post here for details


Russia's Game-Changing Move by @sayu907CBDC is going to be the next big thing in the digital economy and Russia has taken a bold move as they have integrated CBDC with taxation. This can have a positive impact on their economy possibly. Read this article and understand how CBDC will work in Russia
ELEMENT: Multi-Chain Aggregate NFT Marketplace by @ifarmgirlNFT is a digital form of art and we can also call it a tokenized artwork. The NFT segment is still popular in the bear market and NFT Marketplaces are following innovation to make it even better check this post for more details about community-driven aggregated decentralized marketplace


Citigroup Announced Token Launch For Bank Clients by @taskmaster4450Citigroup is one of the biggest banks in the world and they have announced token mechanism for their clients. This token will be managed on blockchain and this is a good start toward blockchain adoption. It can also encourage other banks to follow the same.Read this post to know more
Binance P2P now gets Automated Payment Methods by @esmeesmithP2P aka peer to peer is a method that we can use to buy or sell crypto and many crypto exchanges are providing this service for free of cost. Binance also provides this and they have improved it a lot over the period and the recent update is another good addition Read this post to know more


Deutsche Bank enter in the crypto world by @claudio83Many banks are exploring crypto and blockchain to empower their banking system and infrastructure. Maybe in the next few years we can many more names on the list however as of now Deutsche Bank has also entered the crypto space. Check out this post to know more about it
Mark Cuban Lost $870K In MetaMask Wallet Hack by @rezoanulvibesLosing money because of scam/hack is never a good experience and whoever goes through this can understand the pain. Recently Mark Cuban who is known as an investor, and entrepreneur has lost $870k because of a metamask wallet hack and this is a big amount to lose. We need to be careful and reading this article is important so that we can avoid such mistakes You can read this post for more details


Getting Verified on Twitter/X for $9.92 a month by @katerinarammGetting Verified on Twitter/X is a paid service and author has got verified recently so she has shared this tutorial that can help you understand the entire process. Check out this post for details
ANZ is Closer to Launch its Own Stablecoin by @haveyoursayIt seems that we are going to have another stablecoin in the market as ANZ bank is planning to release their stablecoin. Australia and New Zealand banking group are closer to launching its stablecoin known as A$DC Check out this post to know more about crypto trading strategies


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