Is banning Crypto the next evolutionary step for crypto ?



What does not kill you only makes you stronger

Crypto has had a love hate relationship with the authorities.
Well this is hardly surprising as for as long as we can trace the history of money it is the governments that have controlled it both when it comes to minting it in the name of the king or the government as well as collecting money as taxes.

Crypto is an idea whose time has come

With so many banks that have failed and governments after governments spewing out worthless paper they call money which keeps losing its buying power all the time it is time to look at a more viable means of transfer of value.

Crypto fits the bill perfectly

Crypto is what money should be DECENTRALIZED and TRANSPARENT
something that the governments cannot interfere with.
I say this because being in the government gives you a lot of power and the seat of power and its operations are not very transparent in a lot of cases.
This power along with the money which comes can do more harm then good.
Even if a few persons are working in the government with good intentions there are always a few bad apples that spoil the things.

Decentralization is the way to go

With decentralization the power would not be in the hands of a few instead it would be distributed.
The crypt that we know as is a very broad and generic term. Yet the idea id to create a system that can be both open to scrutiny a well as discrete via private side chains.

Can crypto be banned?

In theory and on paper certainly however is it practical to impose a 100% ban on holding or using it?
Well it looks unlikely that such a ban is possible to implement as long as there are people in this world who are willing to support the idea behind a particular crypto.
Both blockchains and the crypto tokens/ coins of that blockchain can be used without the governments being able to do anything to impose a 100% ban.

Instead the governments should use blockchain and crypto

Both blockchains and crypto can be used for better governance and should be seen as an aid to humanity and good governance rather than something that should be blocked,

Crypo's time is now

Any way it is here to stay and evolving and thriving at a fast pace so it is for us to be a part of this revolution or be left behind.
These are a few points to ponder

Happy Christmas folks !