A New Hope For Indonesian Football Team?

The Indonesian Team is now playing in the AFF Cup for the Asean Nation, which is usually held every two years. And this is the 2020 AFF Cup which is held in Singapore.

Indonesia has never been able to win the Cup, the highest they went are getting the runner-up, after always failing to win in the grand final.

But the team now might be a bit different, because Shin Tae Yong the Indonesian Coach is using so many young players in the squad.

In the last game at the group stage, they manage to win 4-1 after being conceded first by the Malaysian team. The win shows that these young players have a better mentality and spirit like how the older player in the previous Indonesian team.


One thing that bothers me is that the young player needs to be able to withstand the excessive media coverage after the tournament.

The media tend to praise them too much which then can kill their career like their predecessor, which praised so much in their young stage but failed to perform at the professional level.

With some of the players are actually playing abroad, I hope they can withstand it because when they come back to the club, they will come back to earth, and practice and work harder to become a real superstar for the Indonesian Team.


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