Meme challenge 240 Entry #1 Online classes how much do they aid in studies?


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The Pandemic heralds a big change

The Pandemic has brought big changes to our lives specially to the academic lives of students.
The schools and colleges are closed and studies have moved online.

Earlier students relied on books and notebooks and now laptops, mobiles and tablets are there new means of education.
These devices connect them to their teachers and syllabus.
A good change or evolutionary step one must say.

However are the students always studying when they say they are?

Sometimes they are studying and sometimes they are not. Instead they may be chatting with friends or playing online games.

When you study at home these two things happen but even in school too the time spent being busy is greatly missed. Students who would like an independent schooling experience might want other options such as private tutoring agencies stepping in .
However even here the mode of delivery of education is again mostly online.
This is alright for those students who can afford a laptop, tablet or mobile but what about those who cannot?

Remote areas may have their own problems

On one hand online education can facilitate delivery of uniform education across the region, city village or globe.
Yet there are remote areas that do not have such devices, if they have mobiles and smart phones they may not have internet or the power supply is erratic.

Yet this is an opportunity

Still this remains an untapped opportunity that must not be missed.

Balance your life with sports

Sports can play an essential role in balancing life's day to day stresses.
Just make sure you take out some time from studies or work and indulge in sports and physical activity.


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