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Players sharing their strategies in winning their battles to the forefront strengthens ones motivation to learn, and play the game. Having to figure out which card to choose and position to place, how will it complete the mana needed, the abilities that will help in your victory, and making decisions on how to proceed again in the next battle makes ones experience in the game more fun.

To be honest, I lost far more matches that winning since I start playing the game, despite that, I tried to learn some proper ways to choose a good monsters for my lineup thanks to the advices of my fellow players in the community as well as reading their battle experiences in the weekly Share Your Battle Challenge that is created by the Splinterlands team in the Hive platform.

For this week's challenge, the Splinterlands team decided to feature the Carrion Shade in the battles. It is a common card from the Death element from the Chaos Legion edition.

The level guide of my battle that I will share today is under the guide of Gold league while the battle is happening in the Diamond league.


  • Stampede: The trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled monster is killed.

  • Up Close & Personal: Only melee monsters may be use in the battle.

  • 38-mana battle.


  • Because we could only use melee monsters, I decided to be in Death element, and choose Zintar Mortalis as my summoner so it can reduce the melee attack of the opponent's monster by -1 melee.

  • First position is the Haunted Spirit. A rare monster with the stats of 4 melee, 3 speed, and 9 health. With its heal ability, it could last longer in the battle so I decided to choose it as a tank.

  • Second position is the Shadow Snitch. A common monster with the stats of 3 melee, 4 speed, and 6 health. It could attack the first position monster of the enemy thanks to the Reach ability, and nullify the healing ability when the opponent monster acquires the Affliction debuff.

  • Third position is the Silent Sha-vi. A common monster with a stats of 3 melee, 6 speed, and 7 health. It sneaks an attack to the enemy with its Sneak ability, and reduces the target's health by -1 with its Cripple ability.

  • Fourth position is the Sand Worm. Another common card with a stats of 6 melee, 4 speed, and 7 health. It also sneaks an attack, and removes the fly ability of the target monster.

  • Fifth position is the War Chaang. An epic monster with the stats of 2 range, 3 melee, 3 speed, and 9 health. It has the chance to retaliate when attacked by another melee monster thanks to its Retaliate ability which makes is a decent monster to be positioned on the backline.

  • Last position is the featured monster Carrion Shade. A common monsters with a stats of 2 melee, 3 speed, and 2 health. It has the fly ability giving it a high chance of evading the range and melee attacks making it a good sacrificial backline defense to protect the War Chaang.




In the battle, the level guide of both players are within the Gold league guide but some of the opponents monsters were lower in level than mine which leads to me having an advantage.

The first attack started by the Silent Sha-vi attacking the Antoid Platoon, removing its armor, and causing the cripple effect. My Shadow Snitch attacks the Grum Flameblade after followed by the Sand Worm defeating the Antoid Platoon. The War Chaang attacked the Grum Flameblade, removing its remaining armor. The Haunted Spirit also attack the Flameblade in this round.

The opponent's Tenyii Striker defeated the Carrion Shade. The Radiated Brute attacked my Haunted Spirit causing some health to decrease. The opponent's Sandworm attacked the War Chaang in my lineup. The Grum Flameblade also attacked the Haunted Spirit.


The start of the second round starts with Silent Sha-vi attacking the opponent's Sand worm causing a cripple debuff. The Shadow Snitch attacked the Flameblade, My Sandworm defeated the other Sand worm. Haunted Spirit healing itself so it can last longer in the battle then attacks the Grum Flameblade. Tenyii Stiker attacked the War Chaang. Radiated Brute attacks the Haunted Spirit. Grum Flameblade attacks the Haunted Spirit but misses.


Silent Sha-vi started again the first attack in this round by attacking the Tenyi Strike and giving it the Cripple debuff. The Grum in this round was defeated by the Shadow Snitch. The Sand Worm also defeated the Tenyii Striker. War Chaang attacked the Radiated Brute. The Radiated Brute defeated my Haunted Spirit.


In this final round, the Silent Sha-vi defeated the Creeping Ooze of the opponent. The Radiated Brute attacked the Shadow Snitch. Sand Worm ending the battle by defeating the Radiated Brute.


My strategy worked well in this battle. I removed the ability of the opponent's summoner to give additional damage to its monsters. Because the opponent focused on choosing Grum Flameblade as its tank monster, most of the backline monsters are in the disadvantage making them easy to be defeated. Placing the Carrion Shade in the last position was a good choice because it protected the War Chaang from being defeated instantly. Reducing the health of the opponent's backline monster is an easy task for my chosen monsters with the sneak ability, leading to the battle to last in just 4 rounds.


To be honest, I don't rent this featured monster whenever I wanted to play the game because in terms of my daily battle strategy, the Carrion Shade will be the least priority based on the ability in the higher league battles that will lead me into victory because I could just choose Cursed Slime under the Death element as my sacrificial defense, and once it is defeated, it activates its Redemption ability causing -1 damage to the health of the opponents monsters, or removing the Holy Protection given to them. Depending on ones strategy, the featured monster under the remaining 1 mana to complete the lineup is a good choice especially in the Melee Mayhem and Equal Opportunity together with the Little league ruleset, and low mana capacity battles.

Thank you for reading my blog about my battle experience with the featured monster. I hope that everyone have a satisfying rewards this season.

If you are interested in the game then I invite you to start playing. Just click on my referral link to sign up. This is a play to earn game so you will need to invest in a spell book, tokens, and cards to start playing and earning.

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