5 Minutes Freewrite - Yarn Bombing


"What are these, mum?", Jade asked. "What is it son?" the mother asked with an expression of interest all written one her face. "oh, mum I mean the clothings. "These trees are dressed up in colourful attires", he said. The mother simply smiled at him and said, "you mean those fabrics wrapped around the trees"? "yes mum", Jade chorused.

"Well, son those things you see, I mean the fabrics wrapped round the trees are basically done for decoration, to beautify the trees and the environment. That's yarn bombing son". "Oh, I see. I really love them. I am going to replicate it in our home, we'll have an avenue just like this so that I can decorate the trees too".

Jade's mother kept nodding in approval and they continued their nice walk....

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