A Difficult But Rewarding Task.


Let's talk about something special. How do you identify or pick a coin or token that can fetch you good profit? The market is evolving and there's no singular fix for this. You can just be sure you will have a higher probability of picking a good one.

Look for proof of concept. It tells you what the project is out for. The purpose for its introduction and the problems it's intended to solve. If you are good and convince with it, then you're good to go.

Next is the team behind the project. They should be visible and trust worthy. Yes, you don't know everybody in the world so I don't expect you to know every face put out there. All I think you can do is to research the name and faces put forward. Be sure it's not a case of impersonation and that the team are not in for rug pulling. It pretty difficult to answer of these questions but trying to find out these stuff could help in making a better decision on a project.

Hum - tokenomics is also key guys. Tokenomics is all about the total supply of the token or coin been put out for the project. It is the structural distribution of the project itself. The percentage of the token given to the development team. How much of the coin is given or reserve for future development and marketing. Some also reserve for foundation. How much of it is for Airdrop? How much of it is for presale, staking, mining...

How long is the project development going to take? If it's between three month and a year, that's fine with me. I don't want a project that is planning to take three years for its development. When will I begin to expect returns on investment? The social media activity and number of followers are equally important. This can be used to monitor and sample the opinions of others on the project. Is the project popular? Are people positive about it?...

One last thing I think you also need is instinct. That's my opinion anyway. Share your secret method or style of doing this.