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It's almost more than one month when I joined Leofinance. I learned different things here, seek useful knowledge. It was difficult for me to understand the whole system but @ helped me a lot to understand the whole system and he guided me at every step. Although I'm not an expert but I learned many things related to Leofinance. It helped me to improve my writing also helped me in my research project and also facilitate me with financial benefits.

Leofinance is no doubt a wonderful platform. Yesterday, I posted about World Environmental day and after that post, I was thinking about how can I use this platform for my purpose, which is spreading awareness about the environment and all the threats that the earth is facing while remaining in the electronic domain. So, I decided to start a series of blogs related to all the new machines and technologies that we can use for the restoration of the ecosystem and that we can use to save endangered species like honey bees, Wolves, Tigers, Leopard, Polar bear, etc. Also, I'll list down all the new agricultural technologies for the better production results, in this I'll be able to aware people about new ways through which they'll be able to do something for Environment also for their crops production.

The reason behind this purpose is to do something for the environment and for my people. As I'm from a rural area of Pakistan, from Musakhel, a small village near Mianwali and the source of income of the family is agriculture. My family and other people in my village have big lands but the production is small and this is due to lack of knowledge and technology. This problem is not only in my village, but this is also the problem of many places around the globe. That's why I want to help my people, by posting Agri-related material helps me to increase my knowledge in this field also helps people.

Secondly, I want to start a series of posts related to the basic knowledge of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Along with me, many new users daily login into Leofinance, but due to a lack of knowledge about the crypto world, many of them failed to survive. So, I want to share basic knowledge that can help new users to learn something useful.

I'm starting my journey from today, and I hope all of you'll guide me to achieve my goal.
Thank you.

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