I.A.A.C. #10 - Thoughts On Digital Resourcefulness

Digital Resourcefulness

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Don't worry. He is very resourceful. He will be fine.

This common phrase is invoked when talking about someone who is clever, whom has streetsmarts to survive. Someone who is resourceful is someone with the ability, endurance and wit to handle difficult challenges that might unexpectedly come at them. The great unknown is that of life and our future, after all. Someone who is able to face situations and overcome them using whichever means they might have available to them, often unconventionally. Someone you could toss into a bad or unknown situation and they would figure out a way to be fine.

To be resourceful is a loose term, as different situations require being resourceful in different ways. Take these two examples: extinguishing a house fire by quickly using a neighbors garden hose vs crafting a makeshift spear to hunt wild game. Both show examples of someone being resourceful, in wildly different ways. Even in looking up the specific definitions of the word 'resourceful' online came up with a few differing results.

To be resourceful is to be a mix of clever, creative, witty and capable, as well as willing. Resourceful people don't sit and wait for the world to mold to them, they adapt to the world.

Vocabulary.com on Resourceful

Harnessing digital skills to become resourceful

Humans in this new millennium sit at a crossroads adrift between two worlds in which they can adapt. The real physical world which our bodies have evolved to inhabit, and a new world existing purely within the electro-magnetic spectrum which we call "The Digital World." Encompassed within this new digital paradigm is a massive intelligence network behemoth we've labeled "The Internet". Us humans have created new tools for us to use to craft this new world, a world which we spend so much time and rely so heavily on. A world that is constantly changing in profound ways.

Cutting edge technology is a term used to describe extremely newly released technologies which might be of use to someone who is resourceful, especially digitally resourceful. If a person spends the time and even develops a passion for studying with and engaging in new technologies, they will find that their knowledge starts to slowly accumulate together to form a larger, cohesive understanding of digital manipulation and creation.

Digital skills you can improve upon and draw from

This post is an example. The tool I'm using is the HIVE blockchain and the language I'm using is markdown. When I was a young lad, I taught myself HTML, and fast forward today and I'm still using it in markdown. The knowledge builds upon its self as long as you are willing to put in the effort to learn.

My main skills draw from creativity, as a musician and an artist. Creating digital music and digital art weren't exact processes but rather trial and error, but all still collectively lead to my overall skill towards the digital realm. Spending hours, days, weeks of my life learning audio, learning 2D/3D art and animation has increased my digital resourcefulness as these skills can directly contribute to further digital creations, such as my blogs, or full fledged music videos.

Amphlux - Crisis

Take those skills and run!

Whether it is art, music, writing, coding, the digital world is becoming more open and decentralized to explore. We live in a wild, amazing time where decentralized computer code is directly challenging some of the largest established and entrenched systems in the world. If we live in anything at all lately, it is a world where the unexpected is happening, faster and faster. If you grow your abilities to harness the digital world, you will grow the ability to really establish yourself, but also grow the ability to adapt to the new changes that are taking place.

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Amphlux - A Static Motion on Audius.co

2Flyover Soul5:57Flytuned Chipstep
4In The Minds Of Those Around You4:54Electro Breakline
6Quadtone2:44Synth Quartet
7Moot Trio4:40Post Industrial
8Endgame4:44VGM Bosstime
9Crisis5:22Arppegiod Chipestra