I.A.A.C #11 - The swing of things

TL'DR: This post is about three things, my lack of posting lately due to my life, my reluctance to post content onto HIVE if it doesn't have evergreen qualities, and overcoming my dereliction of posting by not comparing myself to other writers and just doing it.

Amphlux on HIVE

My blogsite has been crickets. Sorry for that.

Hey HIVE. I haven't posted in a while, because it's been a rough patch of time for me lately. A lot of stressors have happened lately that I feel like I'm swimming. I've kinda felt a bit introverted and wanting to disappear, spending probably too much time in a video game (Heroes of Hammerwatch) more than is healthy. Plus, I've been eating like garbage and gaining weight again. The weight gain has been pretty apparent and obvious, I can feel it in my joints.

So I'm back at it, alivetribe, can I get a whoop whoop?! I'm not saying I'll be posting daily, but at least more-than-never is a great start. So consider this post a brain dump of all the stuff I could have blogged about but didn't because I wasn't disciplined enough to do it.

Heroes of Hammerwatch
Great distraction, I had my fill, probably done with this game now.

Motivation Dedication is key.

I need some dedication and discipline. Funny thing about the concept of motivation, by saying "I wish I were motivated to do this thing I want to do" you already are motivated to do it just by saying it, you are just complaining about not being disciplined or dedicated enough to actually do it. Saying I should hone in is one thing, doing it is a different thing altogether. Perhaps trying the strategy of writing and lamenting about it on a post could help. More writing, more honing in on what I eat and put into my body. Maybe by blogging, I could get some internet shame tossed my way for putting on the weight I worked so hard to lose this year. I would love some motivational badgering in the comments encouraging me to not become a lardass again please.

On the topic of blog-posting: Something that has kept me away from HIVE is worrying too much about the evergreen-quality of the content that I push out. Each post I write on the blockchain I feel like should have merit in itsself, like an idea in my head that I'm trying to fully unpack. I try to keep these posts relegated to where they should go on HIVE, finance and crypto posts over on leofinance.io and life posts on places like wearealiveand.social, but my perfectionism streak in crafting content sometimes prohibits me from finalizing the posts that I have typed up, especially if they are about things like my personal life.

One of the problems I have with wearealiveand.social, (its my personal problem, not the platforms problem), is posts about my life don't really feel interesting to talk write about for me. I could write about the plethora of issues I faced recently:

  • Last month working two double-shift weeks of shifts on top of my normal shifts
  • One of my all-time favorite comedians died (RIP Norm Macdonald)
  • My vehicles radiator system broke down and I had to empty my savings to fix it (RIP Chaos Legion savings)
  • my coworker quit, my other coworker is on vacation so I'm also 100% solo

Those types of posts don't really interest me. Maybe I could write a post about how saving for Splinterlands helped cushion me financially for my car almost exploding. That could be a quality post, perhaps. This very post I'm typing right now feels more splattershot and less evergreen-focused, but also again maybe that's the point. With a dirth of my own content lately, I feel like maybe posting something, anything, will get the creative juices flowing again.

Peakds Drafts
My Peakd Drafts

My drafts page on peakd shows the various blogs I've started but never quite finished. Usually it is due to 2nd guessing my posts. Reading someone like taskmaster's posts and thinking to myself how awesome his word economy is, comparing my posts to his, I almost want to delete some of the posts in which I have over 3000 words plodded down.

Maybe it is a certain fear of mine that I need to get over, or maybe I shouldn't compare my posts to some of the amazing other bloggers on this site. Everyone has niche abilities, some are better writers than others. The only way to overcome these fears is to just post, I suppose.

So, now it is back to the grind. At least it is fun on HIVE.

A Static Motion.png
Amphlux - A Static Motion on Audius.co

2Flyover Soul5:57Flytuned Chipstep
4In The Minds Of Those Around You4:54Electro Breakline
6Quadtone2:44Synth Quartet
7Moot Trio4:40Post Industrial
8Endgame4:44VGM Bosstime
9Crisis5:22Arppegiod Chipestra


Hey fatty, get of your ass and keep writing more like this :-)

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