I.A.A.C #14 - My Splinterlands Curves



My Splinterlands Curves

I've been playing Splinterlands for over half a year now. It is kind of fun to sit back and reflect on the evolution and playstyle as I have developed it over time.

Early in my Splinterlands gaming career, I was playing quite passively, but it was really fun. I was more exploring what was out there in blockchain gaming, looking at stuff like Alienworlds and other games on HIVE including Risingstar. Splinterlands really captured my attention and stood out above the rest, with its deep mechanics and synergy metagaming structures. Earlier this year, believe it or not, you could pick up cards for pennies, so it was a matter of playing and learning the game, and then getting what was needed for me on the aftermarkets on a whim.

I remember early in my splinterlands gaming, fire/red was my strongest suit. I quickly learned that Pyre (+1 speed to allies) + Creeping Ooze (-1 speed to enemies) was a really solid synergy. Using that combo plus a Living Lava tank was usually my bread and butter. I remember water/blue also being quite potent, as I had packed some potent Untamed Blue cards including a Gold Bortus summoner and a Coral Wraith early on.


As the months progressed, I slowly added to my collection. My goal was first to get a copy of ever Alpha card, which I did, while also buying into and building up my Untamed and DICE collections. After alpha was done, I started getting each beta card. But then the game exploded and card values shot way up in price. I got most of the beta cards, but sadly I think I'm now quite priced out of the Legendary Summoners.

So after the game exploded and the secondary market took off, my widely diverse collection of cards suddenly was my strongest suit. I'm precisely where I said I would like to be, sailing through silver, struggling through gold, to try and get Diamond III before season end. It's a decent place to be for me.

Having a wide range of lower level cards to choose from does give me advantage from time to time. It has curved my playstyle in a way where I've won many matches, throwing down level 1-4 cards, vs a team of level 5-8, just by having great synergy and diversity in my playstyle.

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2Flyover Soul5:57Flytuned Chipstep
4In The Minds Of Those Around You4:54Electro Breakline
6Quadtone2:44Synth Quartet
7Moot Trio4:40Post Industrial
8Endgame4:44VGM Bosstime
9Crisis5:22Arppegiod Chipestra