I.A.A.C. #16 - Singing some Avicii

I really enjoy Avicii

My 5yo has wonderful taste in music.

Lately she's been on a heavy Avicii kick so we've been jamming out to his music. Avicii was a very talented Swedish electronica producer who wrote uplifting music. I love the beautiful positive lyrics that he writes, and I really love the twang in his voice. There is just something really buttery about the way he says his uh and ah sounds.

My kiddos usually will get stuck on a kick where they will totally absorb an artists music and listen to them quite a bit, just like dear or dad. I couldn't be happier with some of the musical choices they've really gel'd with, including legends Ganja White Night and OneRepublic.

So I decided to give karaoke a try with Avicii. I sing "Hey Brother" by Avicii and posted to StarMaker here. I love the lyric content of this song, it is really uplifting and inspiring. If you feel like listening to me sing through that, check it out, let me know what you think!

I think Avicii is a hero for reasons I really can't pinpoint or elaborate, I think he lived a life his father would have been proud of. his music is so uplifiting and inspiring, it almost felt out of place in this weird world we're in right now. I feel like he was trying to push the needle towards a better future, using his music to do so. RIP Avicii, you music will stay forever-young.


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