SPORTS Staking details - 31st May to 6th June

Good morning to everyone . Couple of weeks @uyobong ( ) started a campaign in which he asked people to post the Tx ID of staking SPORTS and he would reward them with wealthy upvotes ..

This is a win -win for both stakers as well as community since it reduces liquid supply .

He had mentioned in his previous post that it would be easier if he could see the top 25 stakers and vote them instead of users posting Tx ID .

So I just retrieved the data for the past week -


  1. This contains staking SPORTS data from 31st May to 6th June( Monday to Sunday)
  2. Sports rewards are paid in 50% liquid and 50% staked ( this is not counted here ) . Only those SPORTS which you have staked or somebody has staked to your account is counted .

Data related to SPORTS staking

How many times did people stake in the past week ?

  • 482( Last week=510 times)

How many unique users staked SPORTS ?

-223( Lst week = 212 users)

Total SPORTS staked during this period

  • 8993424.165 (Last week= 16740164.991 SPORTS)

Mean SPORTS staked at once

  • 18658 SPORTS ( Last week= 32823.852 SPORTS )

Top 25 stakers


So @uyobong here is the data you needed.

You can just click on the username , go to their account and upvote :)

Also guys don't forget to take part in SPORTS Daily discussion post posted by @amr008.sports everyday. We have lot of people discussing various sports matches over there . Just click on the user account to see latest post .

You get a chance to earn 200 SPORTS and 1 Hive too just by engaging

If you find any mistakes , let me know , I will fix it :)