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Hello Everyone ,

I am back with one more data post and today it is going to be LeoThreads .


I wasn't around when it became live unfortunately but when I was active , there were talks about microblogging on Hive .

I sure believe that Microblogging will take Hive to the next level as we all know that Small content drives social media right now . I am all in for Long content but if we have to compete with other big media platforms like Twitter , we gotto get Microblogging up and running .

Let us see some data related to LeoThreads -

Number of comments since it's launch

I have taken the data from the inception of LeoThreads till 22nd October.

  1. The total number of comments overall is - 37,500 .
  2. Total number of threads is - 13,408
  3. Total unique users who have used threads - 730 .

Now the last number is pretty low if you ask me . We gotto make Threads more popular so that more and more users start using it and more and more small content gets out there in Hive .

Once people realize the earning potential through Threads and the potential it has to gather followers and to reach huge number of users , we will have the numbers flying off the charts .

Usage based on time

unique users.gif

So the day it was launched - 3rd August we saw 209 comments .
The highest was the next 3 days . 5th August we saw the highest usage with 1620 comments.
Lowest was on 4th Sept with just 190 .

The average number of comments per day is 462 which is not bad but if you see the trend [ dotted line ] it is downward slope which means the usage is decreasing .

Number of unique authors using Threads

unique authors.gif

Very similar to the first graph .

Lowest was on the first day which is good news . Highest again was on 5th August with 230 unique authors .

Even this has a downward slope . We gotto focus on increasing this number , if we increase this number automatically it will impact the first graph too .

Authors using the Threads

Popular authors.gif

@forexbrokr leads this with a whopping 4340 comments on Threads . Followed by @l337m4532 and @taskmaster4450le .
@khaleelkazi is also in top 10 with 1k+ comments .

Depth of Threads


So what is depth ?

The threads are considered as comments on Hive . The parent author being leothreads. So the depth 1 means the root Thread , depth 2 is the reply to the root thread and so far .

One good news is that depth 2 is more than depth 1 and that is what we would like to see in microblogging but unfortunately there is a long way to go . The depth 3 and 4 should increase a lot and also depth 2 should be atleast 3-4 times than depth 1 which signifies good conversations happening on Threads.

Right now - Average Children : 2.5 per thread which is pretty less if you ask me .

That's it from me for today .

I will make another post in coming days which will deal with votes / earnings on Threads , stay tuned.

Regards ,


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Hmm, lots of downward sloping charts is not ideal.

We're in the depths of a bear market and Threads is still in testing, so it's to be expected.

I'm using threads because they're one of the keys to increasing ad revenue and thus the LEO economy potentially reaching a sustainable equilibrium.

I just wish the team would do something with ad revenue and at least show investors that there is a path to sustainability if traffic reaches a certain point.

But yeah, seems I'm just banging my head against this sustainability wall by myself...

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It looks like it's start to go a bit downwards but I guess this is why they need a mobile app. Then again, I haven't really bothered with threads much because I use up most of my time in LeoFinance instead.

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