Meme challenge #235 Entry #1 when a hobby saves the day



Pick up all the skills you can

A friend at high school was only into studies. He was not into sports or anything else.
Then a new girl joined the class and everything changed for him.
He wanted to impress her but did not know how.

She was into music so he learnt how to play the guitar and began to hum and sing.
Later he got a good job. When the economy slowed down he lost his job and his singing and guitar skills landed him a job at a bar first and then at a radio station.

You never know when luck smiles and how also you nver know things you learn as a hobby can come in handy.

God bless you all and help you come out of any hardships that you or your family may be facing.

Lets play every day

Life can be tough so let us play for the joy of playing and relax with a childl ike spirit of playing