Meme challenge #310 Entry #1 At the end of the day...


Is money a real store of value ?

Back in the days not so far ago your money could buy you so much more. One way to look at it is the increasing prices and another way to look at it is the decereasing power of your money.

So to buy $10 worth of food you have to work that much harder.

It is a never ending race to beat the price rise

Prices keep spiraling up and no matter how how you work there never seems to be enough.
It is a never ending rat race to earn more and live from paychek to paycheck.
It is time to make some money by putting our money to work.

Beware of all the scams

Making money with money is a reality of the rich and super rich. They do not take up jobs to earn instead they use their money to make more moeny.
To dtart doing it we have to change our mindset an look for opportunities.
However beware of the scams that are too good to be true. They operate only to rob us of our hard earned money.