Why you cannot have it all ?


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The daily thoughts that are recurrent

You probably yourself have thought about this more than once, analyzed this that is your life so good specially when you have compared it with the conditions in which other people live and came to certain conclusions.
That you may have somethings which other do not or privileges that others do not enjoy.

General notion about the quality of life

People often say that quality life is determined by factors like
a) access to education,
b) access to treatment, diagnostic facilities and medicine,
c) access to housing and
d) a secure old age plan.
Where does your country stand in terms of these parameters ?

What are your thoughts about the above questions

Someone in a developed economy will confidently say yes we get all these facilities, of course.
Someone will ponder and doubt and say some of the conditions are met.
While someone out there will definitely declare that medicine and education in our country is just an imitation, housing does not meet the needs of today, and we may not even live or survive old age and may not survive the current stress to to live on to see retirement.

Sporting thoughts

Stress is your biggest enemy deal with it one day at a time

These are some general thoughts I get often

Do share your views about the same.