RE: Psyber-X Phase II - an in depth look & some competition

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I won't lie, I am interested on this game after reading this. I recently bought a lot of cheap old games on Steam during their summer sale but I don't have the time to play, and whenever I do some gaming I feel like I'm wasting time when I compare this to play2earn games.

Good luck with the NFT endeavor, I know thelogicaldude is a highly capable Lion so hopefully you reach an agreement!

By the way, I noticed that you powered up some Leo for LPUD a week ago, thanks for helping the Leo ecosystem grow! You're one step closer to becoming eligible to win that juicy HiveFest ticket.

The next step that will take you close to HiveFest, is to Bring your Fam to Leo, make sure to check it out!


We hope to see you in Amsterdam for HiveFest!

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