Overview of the Archmage Splinterlands Bot Config

Authored by @iviaxpow3r

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Greetings Splinterlandians!

In this video we give an overview of the Archmage Splinterlands Bot Config setup. We detail what each section is for and how to think about using it.

Use this video and transcript to get clarity on how to setup the bot to suit your needs! (Or take a peak behind the curtain to see what you're missing if you haven't gotten your Archmage access pass at https://archmage.app/ )



Broken down by section and with timestamps.

[00:00:00] @iviaxpow3r: In this video, I'm going to walk through the Archmage config page and explain what all these settings mean and how to think through how to use them.

Account Name

[00:00:07] Once you log in to the config page, using your hive account or your Splinterlands name you'll be taken to this page where you could see the account that we're going to be working on.


[00:00:16] Right below that we have our enabled setting. If this is toggled on, like you currently see, then that means that the bot is set to run. You could toggle it off to turn the bot off so that you could do something else, like say play manually for a bit a while you, you know, want, want it off.

Max League

[00:00:31] Under max league. This is going to be the maximum league that the bot will automatically advanced to. If you set this at bronze, then as soon as the account reaches bronze, it will stop auto advancing to the other leagues. If you send it to champion, it will advance as high as it can given the rating and the power that the account has available. You are still able to manually advance the account yourself if you prefer. This is the setting for where it'll auto advance to.


[00:00:58] Under play, we have frequency. The frequency is how often the bot is going to play per hour. You can set it from one to six. Do note that under the .Frequency while it will play six times per hour, it may not play six times evenly per hour. It will play a minimum of five minutes apart but they could all be grouped together at the beginning of the hour. We do that to make sure that we have a distributed the plays for the bot to make sure that the system can stay up and reliable as possible. But that's what the frequency setting does.

ECR Target

[00:01:27] Under ECR target. This is a setting that allows you to control where the bot will stop playing. If it falls below a certain ECR if you set it to say 85, then as soon as your account reaches an 85 or lower setting or at least lower than 85, then the bot will not run again until the ECR is above this setting so that you can maintain a consistent ECR on the account.

ECR Optimization Notes

[00:01:52] Now it is worth noting that this is only really worth optimizing if you plan to play the account manually and you believe that you will get a better win rate playing manually when you do. Otherwise if you just let the bot play as frequently as possible, the ECR actually balances out and evens out over time. Where the effective ECR per hour is the same, approximately at six, as it is at one, which would be the optimal play rating to keep, you know, nearly a hundred percent ECR. So at six, the ECR was going to drop down to about 17%. 17 times six is about 102%. So your effective ECR rating is approximately a hundred percent. So, you only really need to worry about the ECR. If you plan, you know, to, to consistently inactively play the the account manually and you think that you're going to get a better win rate than the than the bot will itself.

Stop At Rating

[00:02:49] Stop at rating is going to be the rating that the bot will stop playing at this is mainly useful if you're say toward the end of the season, and you want to make sure that the bot gets you to a certain rating and then stops so that you don't risk falling below that rating. That way you can guarantee you lock in those end of season rewards or, you know, whatever you might be going for in terms of rating. But that's what that setting is. You can leave it at zero for it to just play no matter what, and to not try and stop at a rating.

Refresh Quest Setting - Complete vs. Daily

[00:03:15] Under our quest section here we have our refresh section. So under the refresh, this is whether or not it's going to try and get you a new quest, if it hasn't completed the quest from the previous day. Leaving the setting on complete means that the bot will just keep the same quest active until it beats that quest and it won't try and refresh it, even if a new quest becomes available. If you select the daily, then the bot will try and get you a new quest each day, if it hasn't completed the previous day's quest. So that's what this setting means. It is worth noting, if the bot takes 25 hours, say to complete a quest, you will still get the quest for the next day. The only time that it becomes a problem is if it takes more than 48 hours for the bot to complete a quest for you. At that point you will have lost out on a potential quest, but as long as it's completing quests within, approximately, that 48 hours, then you should get all the quests that you would have gotten.

Auto Claim Rewards

[00:04:07] Auto claim is a setting that lets you show, if you want to claim the quest rewards automatically through the bot or if you want to claim the manually yourself. Some users prefer to claim it manually just that they can see the rewards and get that joy of opening those chests themselves.

Minimum Claim Rating

[00:04:22] Minimum claim rating is going to be a setting that you can use. If you know that your account should be able to hit a certain rating and sit in a certain league. Then you could set this so that the bot doesn't try and claim chest, as soon as they're available, it waits until it gets up to that rating.

[00:04:37] So a thousand for instance, is the setting that you would use if your account should set in at least silver three or above. So that it doesn't try and claim, you know, chest in bronze or below. Where in bronze, it would only get one chest and in silver it gets at least two in silver three.

Banned Quests

[00:04:52] Under this banned setting here, we have quests that we can ban or choose to reroll or refresh whenever they pop up. So each day you get the opportunity to essentially skip a quest and try and find a new one. You would do this if there's a type of quest that the bot or your collection struggles to complete. Some common ones for that are the snipe quest. Maybe the sneak quest and sometimes the dragon quest, but really any of these are, are possible. Maybe your account struggles to complete a certain type of quest. So you could ban a quest so that as often as possible, the bot is trying to work on quests, that your account is more likely to succeed at and complete. So you can ban any, any quests that your, your body struggles with? What I recommend is if you're not sure about this you could probably leave it blank and then start monitoring your account and see if there are any quests that you're struggling to complete and then you start banning those quests once you see that there was a little bit of a difficulty completing those quests.

Banned Cards

[00:05:44] Under collection, we have the banned cards list. This isn't something that you need to fill out, but you may find useful in order to help with the logic of the bot. So the way that the bot decides what hands to pick it chooses from basically a massive database of winning strategies. But the thing that's most represented on those winning strategies are going to be the cards that are most played, which are the cards that everybody has, which happened to be the phantom card.

[00:06:08] So that's not necessarily the best strategy you know, in all. And so you may have a deck that maybe has some leveled of cards or, or some different cards that aren't played as commonly. And you want to make it more likely that the bot is going to play those rather than sort of leaning on those starter cards or those fandom cards. Well, you could use the banned cards section here to do that. So in order to fill this section out there's a link conveniently placed right here. If we click to open. Then in a new tab, I can pull that up and we have the card ID list. And this lets us look through the names of the cards and find the cards that we're looking to ban. We could grab the ID for those cards and put that in there. So say for instance, I knew that I really wanted to to ban let's see, let's look for something that's that's in the starter deck. So I believe the chaos knight is in the starter deck. I believe right now. So I could take this number four 13. I can copy that. And then I could drop that in my banned IDs list. I could click add, or I could type comma, comma, and it'll add it there. So I got my 413 in there, and then once I submit this, then that will be listed in the band card so that the bot won't try and play that card for me. Now, again, you don't have to fill that out. You don't necessarily need it, but that is what that section is for.

Submission and Expectations

[00:07:22] Once all these settings are. And you're ready for it. You can go ahead and click to submit either with the key chain with five key chain or with high signer. And then that will be sent out on the blockchain. Our service will pick that up and then change those settings for you. Do note that does take at least a few minutes generally for that, for our system to pick that up and make those changes. But as soon as you click that button and get that submitted there's nothing further that you need to do in order to get those settings going. So, yeah. It's live and automatic after you click those settings. And then as you continue playing, if you want to come back in and change any of these settings, you can change them again. Whenever you want to. As long as the account that you are, are working with holds an Archmage pass token.

[00:08:04] So there you go. That is how you work with the Archmage config page.

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