1001 mushroom picture

what's up mushroom lovers?
and how are all hive friends around the world
all friends tonight I have prepared mushroom pictures for me to share on blockchain/hive/community

my friends, all mushrooms have their own beauty, both in color and other shapes, and everything about mushrooms has a different beauty well, this yellow mushroom has a soft texture that breaks easily, so I'm very careful with this mushroom, so I can take more pictures,

So, friends, here are some pictures of the soft mushrooms that I got. I tried to take pictures of these mushrooms from all directions. I want to find something good about these mushrooms.

other than soft mushrooms I also want to display the toadstool, because I don't understand the name of this mushroom, I call it toadstool the shape is like an umbrella and the color of the spots makes me even more interested in taking pictures of it

friends, the mushroom that has just grown is quite interesting for me to snap because there is a small caterpillar on it, I take good advantage of this opportunity so that I get good pictures which sometimes hard to find on my occasion yesterday.

This group of mushrooms grows on rotting coconut trunks I thought it looked really good it had glitter and the mushrooms were growing all at once and it was so interesting to take a picture of it

Mushroom lover friends, as a complement to my post, I share some mixed pictures, maybe there are similarities in the pictures I show, I apologize and here I just mean to share something that I have, if there are similarities in the pictures maybe friends can see there is a difference even if it's just a little bit, because of this one mushroom I tried take lots of pictures from different positions

That's enough for now, friends hope you all like it

my regards @Aroelrnal
from Indonesia