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This post is an addition to @forexbrokr Hive guides.
He has already written some basic info about What is Hive. Please do checkout this post for Hive basics.

Its been 3 to 4 years since I joined steemit. I remember when people came from steemit to hive. Hive was created for a reason to make sure people power remains.
This post is about listing the pros and cons of hive.

First talk about pros of hive.

1. Freedom of Speech
When we talk about social media, we talk about people who are using it. When we use youtube and Facebook, there are many restrictions and terms we have to follow so we can’t talk freely there. But here at hive you can talk whatever you want to talk. People can post their problems and get useful suggestions.

2. Reward Distribution
When we talk about a social media, we just have a community which interacts. But hive is on another level with giving back to its community.
Rewards system is very good for both authors and curators. Both enjoy decent rewards.

3. Hive-Engine
Hive engine is the source that gives more value to the whole hive blockchain.
We have hundreds of other tribes on Hive engine just like Leofinance and we can see how it is growing. So hive-engine has added much value to Hive.

4. Good Content wins
We have seen this that there are many good authors in hive who are earning a reasonable amount of hive and their content is always appreciated and good. If you write good posts, you’ll surely recognized in hive.

5. Security
Just like other crypto sites, hive also has very best security as your wallet keys are only known by you. You are the only holder of your keys.

Lets talk about cons.

1. Only Investors have the power
We all know that hive power is the key thing for voting. You can only get high hive power if you invest high amount in hive so only investors have the power to vote and small users remain in low level.
For example, if Elon musk or anyone invests millions in hive, he will have high hive power and high control over posts rewards as his votes and flags would matter for all authors.

2. Automatic Voting accounts
There are many people who set their accounts to automatic votes to some users and they don’t care what an author is posting and this is somehow not good to vite automatically. This is also disappointing for some users as they receive no votes.

3. Personal Grudge Flagging
I’ve seen many users in steemit who flagged posts on personal grudges. This might happen here at hive as high hive power give you the power to flag a post and remove all the rewards.

4. Newbies Struggle
I’ve seen this personally that a newbie has a hard time here at hive as he doesn’t know how to post and even if he knows, his posts barely reaches to the trending section.

These are the Pros and Cons I think Hive has. But the gate is always open and you are more than welcome to comment if I’ve missed anything or you have a suggestion.

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Thanks for taking the time to go into more detail around Hive's pros and cons.

In my opinion, Hive's biggest pro is definitely as a platform for freedom of speech.

While front-ends can choose which pieces of blockchain data they display, your data, content and followers always remain on your account.

No other platform can compete with Hive when it comes to freedom of speech.

On your cons side however, I'm not sure I agree that downvoting due to a difference of opinion is a negative.

We can't talk about freedom of speech as a pro and then complain when we don't like what someone else says or does.

Just remember that all downvotes effect is how much of the rewards pool you receive for your posts.

Unlike your freedom of speech, you're not entitled to rewards on Hive.

These are from a community pool and up to a community decision on how they're allocated.

As a DPoS blockchain, all that matters on Hive is your stake.

If you want your upvotes/downvotes to have more influence over the entire community and its front-ends, then get more stake.


But your data always remains on your account where you can do and say what you want to your followers.

Not to mention there being avenues to build your own front-end community that interprets the blockchain differently if you want more.

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Thanks for your explanation!
I agree with you.
Please edit this section with your suggestion.

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