Apocrypha: The Atonement of the Judgment Day


Judgment day or apocalypse is by some interpretations explained as an atonement between the sins of humanity and God himself. The world of humans became a spiritual and existential risk to all being and has sunken into madness, so a period of forced evolution is induced to corroborate the existence.

Messiah claimed that these events and their timing are known only to the Creator, and to translate it to you directly what it means - that means that all of that can be avoided.

This is the Apocrypha.

It is said, that apocalypse begins when a mortal man admits to a destroyer, or the devil to be his lord and master thus becoming a person of the Antichrist or Al-Dajjal.
A man in question may be any but his influence and power will be immense.

By the legends, he was bound to a rock on an island in the sea and fed by demons.

He will seduce the majority of people astray and is considered to be an embodiment of seven mortal sins, each in its own merit.

If you didn't know the seven sins are: pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth.

During his life, Dajjal will cause the demise of both Enoch and Elijah, who walked the Earth as prophets in human form while once killed off they are then resurrected into their true forms.

After Dajjal accepts the Lord of destruction to be his god, a serpent will pronounce him a king or the ruler of the world. These two are known as the Leviathan (symbolically associated with the sea) and Behemoth (with the earth), or False Messiah ( Antichrist) and a False Prophet ( Serpent).

At that moment the major archangels descend on the surface of the Earth breaking the seals of reality ( seals of creation) causing the gap between energy levels through which a divine can communicate this world.
This event breaks the four seals out of seven bringing forth the notorious four horsemen ( The rupture, Apocalypse), and so it starts.

The fifth seal is broken when all the light carriers stand against the darkness demanding help from above and the sixth seal is broken when the cumulative energy of the living creation causes natural catastrophes of unthinkable proportions.

The last seal of reality is broken when Metatron descends the heavenly throne to assist Samael in fighting the demons freed from the Dimension, their hellish imprisonment.

Samael in this version is a heavenly judge who orders the army of the dragons in the fifth level of creation, or energy ( fifth heaven) and he is prearranged to battle the primordial fallen angels ( rakshasa, demons, spawn of the Nephilim), until the birth of Ataael ( or Michael) who was stuck behind the veil of the rupture from before the time of the Universe.

Ataael is born during the reign of chaos ( Apophis), in the body of the human with the virgin conception by a holy mother, which confuses some to believe this might be a coming of a true messiah to combat evil.

Dajjal is said to be either destroyed by the time of this event or destroyed by the powers of God emanating in the person of Ataael. No matter what happens he will be of no influence after it.

Dajjal's short reign will pull humanity into chaos and disorder which will last and then subset after a few years continuing into a thousand years of the first resurrection when humanity elevates battling the harsh environment on Earth.

This era is mostly always described as a very hard period, and many see it as the time in which it looks like the desolated land.

This era then ends with the establishment of the Celestial Kingdom ( the resurrection of the condemned souls who do not believe in the Creator) that holds its place until the third resurrection, or Armageddon.

The third coming is vaguely described, but it is marked by the abolishment of the Celestial kingdom, destruction of the millennial clock, and announcement of the Reign ( Imperium) when all human souls inhabit the immortal bodies and live in full tune with the Creator, wielding the time, space, Universe and Creation itself.

The year of the third coming is around 3856 AC or later.

Disclaimer: Works of undisclosed origin, hidden knowledge, and stories related to mystical events or even doomsday scenarios are usually called the Apocrypha. This is a work of fiction and not part of any official religious doctrine.

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