I stole all El Moron's memes - for shit and giggles (parody)


Yepp, I have my own take on those hilarious memes circulating around the internet. No, it is not his saggy ass or Bitcoin sell-off. It is not even a front-end monkey shit. I have some better ones.

Let's start with a short introduction explaining a few important facts. I am not his fan, you could get that from a title, El Moron is not my favorite adjective in an Urban dictionary. Not because of the shitverse of nonsense he says, a big majority of those things that make people bleed bile in fact very much agree with me. Yes, you are gasping, I guess.

It is because of his projects and how he manages the workforce. That shit is BAD! None of his projects are essentially workable. Or tolerable. Exploding buckets that suppose to fly. Cars that keep on breaking, have their own consciousness that turns evil when the fuck opportunity arises. And tunnels! Especially the fucking tunnels. Fuck the monkeys. Tunnels were at the bottom. When that hit the news, we had earthquakes. Analyze that.

Other people would rip his ribs out ( those ribs? - good luck with that delusion) for less. For dogecoin, for example. That was in fact a holiday inn for me. I don't know about you.
Now he pulled the rug on The Big B. I heard screams and I didn't even need to touch my phone. I preprogrammed it to ring me a special kind of morning hymn if that breaks the News. It did.

Ok, let's start with the MEMES!!

Half-ass Zorg hair-do

I should have kept my big fat trap shut about that cool Emanuel Zorg hair-do I just had, but of course, I didn't, of course, it had to happen, of course, he was also barefoot and of course, after seeing what that fat twat did to it, I had to fold and not publish it. I publish my selfies once in a fucking blue Moon. Motherfucker fucking vex!! The best thing is, I make that Zorg looks cool. He doesn't. He looks like a half-ass-shaven wooly mammoth. Of all the shit he did, this was the one I was like - no, this is photoshopped. No, this is, Nah, I am not fully awake up to process this, I am seeing things. But it was true.
Nickel-head just bamboozled my favorite next best thing and completely fucked up that style to ever see its full affirmation. Well, fuck you too.

Reptile all the way!

I would put my money on the lizard, they have some nifty shit up their cloaca. I am not just talking.
Have you seen that Zuck dude, from up close? That thing is an alien. The guy is so cold that he could down shredded liquid ice and still ask for some cold water.
His room temperature has to be like 45 Celsius just for him to crawl around, direct Sun exposure and everything. Have you ever seen him sweat? No? Neither did I.
Money on the scaly bastard and I double down on horrid execution methods... because, you know, we ARE talking about a dude who invented the most lethal weapon of social dissociation EVER - the Fakebook.
What a fuck did Elon Musk invent to put us, humans, into a brain-dead state for the last decade or more? Farts inflated trumpet?
Think about it. If you must and you are choosing your evil overlord - Zuck!

Starter pack for being El Moron

Too thick for my blood! My menu says no item available for the current coins. LOL.
Can you imagine a stack of money you would need to even come close to this guy? Which oblivious mother fucker even came up with this shit?
Plus with all that cheddar on his asset list, he is still swimming in the lawsuits covered in hookers. Or the other way around, covered in lawsuits and swimming through the hookers.
Whoever made this starter pack should add that to the requirement list - you should be an emotionally unshod old cooze who is too blind to see how those women are hooking up with your wallet instead of you know what.
And also these requirements should be universal, so the finer gender can join in - Requirement number one for ladies - you should be a shameless cougar slut who spies on men online, bonus if you are law key scorched in a head and dye hair blond, shit talks on all the fat people, downplays the COVID and hates with the wrath of Sumerian gods on whatever lazy fuck who doesn't like her.
I would take that crown like nothing!! I am basically Satan in a skirt.

Holy shit! Big discovery - he is a caucasian!

I had absolutely no idea what a fuck these people were talking about. I opened my News and here it was. I was looking at that screen for a good ten minutes trying to get it. Then I opened Twitter, and then I got it.
The only thing that cracked me up was " a dude in a white tech". But not the chicken. That made me hungry. I totally see why all those skinny-ass skeletal bitches were after him. They were hallucinating on their zero-cal diets and there he was.
My own tan is more shocking, as it is nowhere near expected. I am a caucasian with an Asian skin tone, lol. Imagine the fucking surprise when people around me get to know that I in fact have a yellow skin color and I do not tan like everyone else. It goes so far that some asked me if I leak soy sauce. I was nearing my number two so I said yes.
So, unless he has some weird shit, like sprouted wings, two pairs of arms, or a rainbow unicorn tattooed across his back, spare me the effort. And you don't know what obesity is and the only problem I have with obesity is - how the fuck to get in the sea to wet my crispy carcass without getting killed by the walrus tribe who took siege of a city beach. That's the only thing I can think of that could cause me some issues. Nobody fucking cares!

Ghosting the airplane Twitter account

There is an actual dude on Twitter who made some robot that posts whenever El Moron's jet takes off or lands. When I first saw that it creeped the fuck out of me.
Can you imagine being El Moron's mother and seeing her son actually being tracked by some money-lusting little piece of turd who is tracking her son - actively on Twitter, available to everyone?
Forget El Moron and his collection of bullshit, this is a dream come true to any mentally deranged sociopath.
Imagine being one of his kids and you just received a message from your safe deposit... I mean your daddy!!, at the gentle hour of 2 in the morning phone bleeps and you receive a message consisting of the few emojis he managed to spare for you - an airplane, the flag of the country you suppose to go with him, and a clock emoji when you suppose to be packed and ready for the lineup. And you are so fucking scared this won't be a plane emoji, it is going to be a fireworks and bomb emoji that you go full woke, black on white disown him and change your fucking gender just to avoid anyone recognizing you!!
So, yeah, the first thing I would do with that maggot with a plane bot is to burn that fucking Twitter account to the ground.

Anyways this is all from me for now. Change your diapers.

Image attribution - all memes are stolen, I don't know where and I don't know how, they just are.

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