Making money with dBlog/Engrave on HIVE versus anything else


I used to have a WordPress blog for educational and onboarding purposes plus I connected it to the HIVE blockchain to be instantly monetized. Topics of that blog were a variety of stuff, depending on what certain people in that group desired to write about. But, the whole project came to the end just before and I believe mostly during the crypto crisis when almost everything went into a slow decline.

The main problem that I see in onboarding new users is the expectations. I always strive to hold a certain level of anonymity, so there is always a possibility that I am not dealing cards to the noobs, and these people have expectations that are hard to satisfy.

The root of the problem is almost always trending pages where the displayed content is valued at sometimes hundreds of dollars, and that is a level of proficiency and social action a few can achieve right in the start. So, when the newly established author doesn't hit that mark in their own time, which is usually very short, they leave.

Anyways, I have a domain that is firmly registered for years to come, and I do not plan to drop it - it can be useful as it is. I will definitely not be using my current host, because they underdelivered and the Shitverse of issues slither out of its ugly hole...

My plan was to find a suitable host and find instant and satisfying monetization for a custom domain. Now, this is almost impossible to achieve with any other blog anywhere, besides on HIVE.

Ther is a service on HIVE called Engrave or dBlog that allows us to host our own domain and content directly upon the HIVE blockchain, which also means that is instantly monetized.

It doesn't have the flexibility of WordPress but that is beside the point if an alternative is unsatisfactory.

So, instead of making Pranz some exotic educational center for lost souls, I will host my small tools on Github, or similar and turn a domain to Engrave and build a blog for purely entertainment purposes. The best stuff I can think off are movies because I really like those and I am a big fan.

As movies are really popular and everyone likes a good review, I will also sell stuff like merch, and subscriptions as an affiliate, or referral for movie-related services online.

Engrave also offers a possibility that other people, the writers, can join to the blogs and submit their content that will be visible on a blog service but it will be published under their own profiles on the Hive.

One good benefit of the dBlog is that we can hide unrelated posts, so if a topic or a post doesn't fit with the rest of the content we can elegantly hide it from the dBlog, while it is still available on the individual blogs on other Hive ends.

Hive also has an admirable number of reward bots, so if a comment doesn't fit the dBlog we can hide it away. Some people like to ask unrelated questions under blog posts on Hive, so if that is not on the topic on the dBlog it can also be hidden on that end.

Monetization of posts is easy and instant, plus the individual reward is taken care of directly on the blockchain, so anyone can participate with their rewards being directly deployed after a week without administrator intervention.

dBlog/Engrave is user-friendly, free, and has many benefits and perks in front of other paid options such as WordPress. Posts are also safe and participants can be sure their privacy is well protected.

I have a few well-written movie reviews so I will include some of them in that new Engrave blog which also has that capability.

I am not sure whether I will be using the Pranz HIVE account for posting or my main account, or a mixture, but I will definitely post reviews in that manner and share it on my normal social media accounts.

I hope you will take a look at the Engrave/dBlog after this short review, I highly recommend it.

Contact info

Discord: aschatria#1254