Productivity: Twitter tools, acquisition and earning potential


Last time I wrote something about Twitter tools and helpful applications in general.

Useful browser extensions, tools, and apps for Twitter (

I also mentioned that I am not using Twitter with the greatest enthusiasm, not like before - because of the ongoing acquisition. I dislike the idea of Twitter being acquired and controlled by a sole entity, their plans for the platform were vague, and an attitude to digital art and working people, in general, was displayed in a shameful and disrespectful way.
But, the same I dislike Twitter's current CEO, PP and I don't think they are doing a good job there, I don't trust them and I pretty much find the entire blueprint of their website policy to be dishonest, destructive, and abusive.

Earning potential on Twitter for the digital content maker could be great, but it is not reflected that way and is nowhere close to the Hive.
The worth of the Twitter stock also was variable, but it again doesn't reflect the real worth of the platform and user accounts.
The big majority of their investors are misled.

That is my personal opinion about that matter.

I used a list of apps and extensions for a while and these are my conclusions and short review about them.

1. Weitweet chrome extension (

I have it still in my browser but don't use it all that much. It is interesting from the point that we can choose a different image that the main one when sharing a link.

2. Twitter Audit | Audit your Twitter followers.

This tool can only be used once, after that you have to pay a monthly subscription which is not practical.

3. Botometer® by OSoMe (

A very useful tool, it can be used many times and I am very satisfied with it. Gives accurate results.

4. Twitter account detector - Chrome Web Store (

Very good app for detecting blog authors and their Twitter accounts. Helpful while crediting work.

5. Superpowers for Twitter (

Very useful in following group members or community members, as it can skip ones you already followed.

6. Alt Or Not, a browser extension / add-on for Twitter and Tweetdeck | A Bit Of Access

An extremely helpful tool that can turn your Twitter uploaded images' description into a full blog post.

7. Tweepi

So far the best analytics tool for my followers, everything is visible in one place even with the limited free version.

How Twitter decides to proceed will determine my interest in that platform.
I am a content maker and I always look to up my work in many different ways.
If a platform doesn't contribute to my satisfaction, there is not much reason for me to stay.

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May I ask.... What should Twitter do to hold your interest for long?

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Not shadowban, suppress information, lie on their reports and suspend accounts for no reason whatsoever. Also, they are focused on monetization such as Patreon which is again centralized and known to ban their users, and from coins, they have only installed ETH and BTC which are gross unpractical for everyday usage. They should improve the newsletter app which for now ends up in a spam folder instead inbox, improve security, get rid of the phishing bots from a single Russian server that actually plagues the website and they ignore the reports on purpose, and stop sticking their nose into my private messages and deleting/disabling chunks of my conversations. They suck all over.