When you wake up like this and end up writing fiction from 3am...


I was awoken at 3:33 by a strange noise which appeared to be something like a muffled rumble and strange light emanating from out of nowhere, with the strange voice telling me to write the entire Apocrypha for the atonement of the judgment day, or Apocalypse, step-by-step.

Now, this could mean a few things.

First, one of my fringe telepathic peers is an faggot who needs to be brutally brain-flogged.

Second, I have been assigned to write it by genuine divine request, which would be great... not.

Or third, my favorite and considering everything the least possible - a neighbor fell off the bed and it bodes well with my progressive madness and flash migraine.

I have a headache and I can't adult today...

What is the funny part?
I have to make my Monday financial report, chose investments, trade, and yes... this

and yes, genuinely involve some sense, be serious, and have a well-organized systematic plan, and fine grasp whatever I am trying to achieve.

Usually, when a Monday starts so well like this the financial report be like...

Image attribution - all memes have been stolen, I admitted my crime and have been prosecuted, with over 69 case points for 420 cases of theft involved. A fine is still evaluated by meme high court.

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