Technology has facilitated human life but also brought about significant issues.

Science and technology have changed people's lives by introducing advanced technologies. Every aspect of human life has advanced due to technological advancement. Will anyone believe that the world has advanced to the point where BTC is now accepted as a form of payment in a few places around the world? This is a virtual coin that does not exist physically but has a higher value than all others. To buy something, a person simply swipes their card or transfers funds from one account to another, and the transaction is complete.



This is the beauty of technology: it makes human life so much easier. We can communicate from one location to another with a single click and watch them live from anywhere in the world. We can now travel from one end of the world to the other in hours. Just as I have shared some pictures that are technological marvels, the pictures are LED television, exhaust fan, electric lamp, CCTV camera, changeover switch, and wall fan.


I went to Fatimia Centre, where I looked at these technological blessings and began to wonder how old people had lived their lives. There were no such things in the dark ages, and people found water for themselves by digging and extracting water from their dwellings. How difficult their life was without lights; communication took months or even years; there were no CCTV cameras; television was rarely found; and many other things were missing.


But now that the world has advanced and we have every convenience, we can watch the entire world by using LED TV or the Internet, which allows us to travel the entire globe. We can use light to find our way and for other purposes in life, CCTV cameras have made our lives easier because they are used for the purpose of catching thieves and other criminals, room fans to provide us with cold air, these are the technology items that I have shown in the picture, but there are many more advanced technologies that have changed the human life.



In this modern world, technology, while making humans' lives easier, also introduces difficulties. Do you know that the ozone layer is being destroyed as a result of technological pollution? The ozone layer is the main feature that prevents sun rays from reaching the earth, but because the layer has thinned, the world temperature is rising and we are facing many challenges. Although motor cars and motorcycles save us time, they have a negative impact on our lives.


Because we are now solely reliant on automobiles, humans are involved in a variety of diseases, particularly heart disease. Our health is deteriorating as a result of not walking and engaging in other forms of exercise. Plastic disposables have entered our lives, which we use to our advantage, but they are also causing us harm by being discarded on the streets, oceans, and seas, which harms our lives. Human spirit has been harmed by technology, and we are moving toward machine life. People who are religious by nature have simply forgotten their religion and are enjoying modern life.


Do you believe the Corona Virus is the result of advanced technology?

These are some of the technological side effects that I discussed in relation to my images. There are many more problems in life now that technology has spread throughout the world, which I will discuss in the following post. Is it possible to use technology in a more beneficial way that does not endanger human life? What advances in technology are on the horizon for humans, and what are the major consequences? Do you believe the Corona Virus is the result of advanced technology that has claimed the lives of thousands of people?



These are the unanswered questions, and if anyone has an opinion, please leave it in the comment section. I'm making an effort to discuss technology here in addition to the images. I hope you all enjoyed reading the post and learned something. If you enjoyed the photography and the content, please leave feedback in the comment section so that I can make the next post even better. I want to thank you all for sticking with me.

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