How to protect your crypto (heard about this? And how frequent?)

You must have heard so many ways on how to protect your crypto. In fact, part of the most used sentence in the crypto world is "protect your crypto". What about seed phrase? How often have you heard about it in topics about protecting your cryptocurrency? Seed phrase is also known as seed recovery phrase, and they are words that are very important in crypto world, you can probably call them keys to your vault. You might or might not know what they do or why they are so important but we will get to that point.

Seed phrase is usually given when creating a new wallet in crypto wallet platform and they usually varies some can be 12 words while some long than that. Like I said earlier these seed phrase are like keys to your vault, your vault that contains your crypto coins or NFTs or whatever asset that you are storing in that wallet. Most of us that have created wallet addresses are already familiar with this and probably this write is directed to newbies that don’t know about it yet. The funny thing about seed phrases is that they are random, some which are easy to remember while some difficult so best if they are stored in a private place where you can easily access and only you have access to.
Seed phrases are not just your normal password to your phones or social media account because if you lose them, you lose all your crypto funds or assets. So that’s why it’s important to store them safe where no one except you have access to because if anyone not trust worthy enough have access to it, expect then your funds are as good as gone because it can be used to access your funds on another device when the app is being reinstalled. Easy ways to save them; it can be a book you alone know, engrave them somewhere, in cloud storage and in emails too (These can be reliable).
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