Top Metaverse Coin To Look Out For.

Well, it’s not new that metaverse is the key and future of online gaming growth and it helps power the virtual worlds through the help of tokens. The concept of the metaverse is to make humans interact in the virtual world with an avatar they want or choose.

But there hasn’t been anyone yet, only a few smaller ones that people can just log on to, explore and also interact with other users. The virtual world is powered by the blockchain too and the metaverse can govern the space by having crypto associated with it. And one can also buy digital products with the metaverse tokens and one product is the non-fungible tokens (NFT).

So some of the biggest metaverse tokens are sandbox (SAND), Immutable x (IMX), Ultra (UOS), Illuvium (ILV), and Vulcan Forged (PYR)

  1. The sandbox is an online world where players can create their own NFT and also sell them in-game. SAND is a native token of the metaverse sandbox token and it’s an ERC-20 token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain.
    The SAND can also be staked giving the stakers chance to make money from their own lands and the owners can also delegate voting rights to other players and as well as vote for themselves.

  2. The immutable x is another metaverse token but different from the SAND because unlike SAND the immutable x doesn’t support a specific metaverse and there’s no world to go into and explore instead it allows users to create their own NFT using its own protocol.
    Just like SAND it can also be used to vote on proposals on how the systems run and also staking. While staking they can earn rewards.

  3. Ultra (UOS) is a crypto coin that is designed to only work in the games distribution systems and it’s also based on the blockchain. What totally makes it different is that people don’t just buy games and play but they can also resell the games bought.
    The native token of Ultra is UOS. The UOS metaverse token is usually used to pay for adverts and also use for trading, beta testing, and reporting bugs.

  4. The metaverse token that is also worth taking a look at is Illuvium (ILV) which is also called classic metaverse crypto. The ILV coin helps power the illuvium which is an online game that involves role-playing.
    What also makes them different is the Illuvials are NFTs and also there are many other ways to earn crypto in the game. The Illuvium is built on the Ethereum blockchain too.

  5. So the last one to talk about is Vulcan forged (PYR). It’s a metaverse coin whose platform contains different types of games for people to play. There’s also what they call vulcanverse where people are given an opportunity to buy, sell or develop their own lands.

The metaverse token of PYR is paid as a reward when winners win a frenzy tournament and also used for paying for items within the Vulcan network. According to GoinGecko, there are 71 metaverse coins.

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I think IMX is the one I'm most interested to watch, as it seems like they're also poised to scale the most when new developments to Etherium make their business model significantly cheaper to provide.

I am looking for an opportunity to jump into ILV, though. Just need to see a lil' more actual gameplay before I dive in ;P



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