Hidden Aspect Of Cricket : (Things We Dont See)


a much recognized one in the prominent sports we have in this world.Its not just big in the size of the capital and revenue it holds, but more of other factors such as : sideways economic exposure to this sector,the other commerce stream that developed in it,sponsorships, tv broadcasts etc. have made the game grow and evolved throughout the years time.

Players who play here in the sport are the heart of the game,when I do look at the overall players that play in the national level cricket--some are professional and some are highly professional.There are even examples of players who just take part in cricket, when it comes to an international level competition, some of them are common atheletes and represent their country occasionally, called as amateur players.

Today we would focus on the players who are highly professional and finds their sport --as career, living and means of duty.

Life Of A Cricketer.

Well,I think this would be pretty uncommon thing to talk upon as most of just look for players record, performance, game play,statistics, bout matches and the tournaments as a whole.

We get to see players perform,they make records and sets a new standards for their team and win trophies that make their nation shade tears in pride,sets the people in emotion and fans go crazy for them--but do we see what goes inside of their career and personal life?

For lot of fans its like,players who become great and earns big popularity, they are no longer in their secret life, they become only for fans and the spectators, but what they dont understand that popular players also have Their personal life,their family their kids and which are not for the fans to make as their spice of discussion. But who cares really and fans in this current world are the worst in the history.

The Hidden Struggles.

Only those plaryers who play good cricket, gets the honour and support of fans. Those who can perform constantly,fans just chant for them as they made something great as achievement, which is glorious. But, along with highs and lows, there are even bad day for players, but do fans remain sensible and tolerant when that happens?

Well,hell no, because just a fraction number of fans are smart enough to stand by with players when bad time comes.Thats a horrible number to be honest.Players need support from fans only when they suffer terribly, when they perform with all their vigorous effort and mind in it,but still they fail to reach the target. Thats when they need support, not only financially, but psychologicaly also.

Starting of a cricket career is not easy. We only get to see some names and then we remember them,but we forget others, they are millions in numbers, just like fallen shadows, not bright enough to be clearly seen and differentiated, but they fall behind to reach a certain level for having the popularity. That is the hard part of reality .

We only see top paid players in the world, who are national level captains or key players playing and performing for years after years and made certain specific contribution to retain that position for far too long time.

But, domestic cricket in certain countries, show the harsh reality, we dont see, the darkness and the faded part of the sport. The Dream of cricket didnt give them anything but tears and failures, fruitless effort that made them feel inferiority complex,for years and years of failure.

We talk about wages that are needed to retain a close tie around the personal self and the family, maintaining it with everyday's necessity in fulfilment.Here what is true that, they earn so little that, their family sometimes need to cut loose daily expenditure and keep the palm closed. Because domestic cricket failed to give them the honour and financial help.

But, all those kids and academic players started their career with a vision, with a dream and gleaming eyes that sparkled to become Sachin Tendulkar, to become Ricky Ponting,and all day they could just think about the fundamental dream, leaving all the other things,including a quality education. Things change so fast and the dream also,not intentionally, but forcefully.

The Price Of Academic Cricket.

Rolling eyes in academic cricket, there arent much things to look out accept the overall expenditure of a government which wants to improve their national cricket.Its more of a country like which have probably the largest cricketing infrastructure in the world.

One thing that surprises me is the fact that,India has more of international stadiums, even the number is as big that,some of other big countries dont have that much ground to play!! Interesting isnt it?

But, you might ask, why India put that much of their money and effort to achieve the position of world cricketing axis power?

The answer would be -- just look at the numbers of their international trophy,their current form and players and the grasping control of the world cricket,number of international matches they play each year,the influence of the indian cricket among others and the earned fascination among common people throughout the country.
Is that less as achievement?

Now, cricket will keep evolving and I have the faith in it,but I would want the board controllers to cut loose their restless competition of silence corruption ; the bribe money that goes under the table and endorse the illegal approval,the tenders that spoil the funding and hunt down money in personal pocket, resulting in to become the directors to be rich,its like all the market is for fews and others have to starve.

The fews would take everything and devour everything,waste lots of thing, and the other would just look at those foods and abuse them. What is different in the national level cricket board? Who suffers in domestic level cricket and finds hard to even buy food with the money.

Its the internal cricket that fills up the pipeline and lets the country to be world champions,then the directors suited would laugh and cheer, just like they have achieved the victory,shame shame!!

Hope, things would change and justice be served one day.Thanks for reading, until next time with another point.Stay Tuned..