Innovation In Crypto Decisions Can Change Future !


In the upcoming days, there would be a serious competition among the people who have a percent share on the projects been started by groups. I am not on the side which seeks to see a darker part of economic life, but the side that shows a critical aspect of the financial competition going on in the present times. What I think is that the basic rule of #economy applies to everywhere - that when market supply increases, the trading graph rises high and competitions take place between the class of able and likely able groups who wants a have a tough negotiations.


Viewing an indigenous fashion brand market as an example, there are a few things that comes up instantly. Its not that the market has had a long cycle of records of profits and gains or have pretty large investors to catch up the business growth high - but the tonic of improvement relies on something else which we dont get to see normally. When in an open and free market, there are thousands of brands that are #investing their time to generate a single product, that doesnt grow quality,but repeats a cycle that is fostering same productivity like before.

I have seen a fashion brand company to grow very soon within 4 years of time and establishing a nice genre of products, acquiring a fame for becoming a #brand in the sector. In the marketing ground, there were other brands which were older than them, had a nice fan-base, buyers and traders who had their smart #contracts ready to bid any profitable amount at different times.

But, despite a solid market capture, they lacked one thing, the low productivity which restricted them to be in the same cycle of repeating same "brand productions" and not looking at the demands.

The newly established brand focused on innovation, bringing up quality in the services that they are offering to the target audience, people who sought interests and continually setting up a good reputation over the products been exchanged. But that doesnt mean that they manufactured something different - but changed how people would be attracted more, restore trust and posit their money on buying the products that helped them to grow revenue and lay stone of success in the field.

When I look at the #crypto -market thats steadily creating twofold news about the holders who lost their assets for not having a successful trade, being on the stereotyped plans that has taken them to the stage. Some of the other scenarios that with #pump in their volume - gained profit of additional $60k, at the end of 2 months of incessant market watch - I dont see a big difference between the two opposite type of results arising from typically two similar scenario.


Because, with experience adding up each day and months time, the vital decisions we make out of every financial matters, whether of selecting a fair price to rely or spare for the future or being hurried to tag sold out show to the own portfolio - that matters how vigilant we are in terms of the choices we have as crypto-dealers.

Whether we are innovative in choosing the right #coin to be in the savings pool or swapping them for a better option during a #bear market trend comes up to a solid state. Since, the truths and laws of finances are the same in most of the conditions we havent have time to be backed by usual modes.
That is to say, for selling your holding properly, there should be touches of innovation in terms of market behaviour and people's interest in getting on with the coins you have with regard to the market.

Some day,the gaps between traditional and #digital trading would be minimized to "dots" and the inclusion would bring a positive look at what we possess as the knowledge. In any business thriving takes on when something new is proposed to free market and people start to value them. Virtual currency markets arent miles away being so, but what matters to be a good player, decides who will win the race.