The Tactical Turnover In Technology & Smartphone World.


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Today, I would say something about the technology field and leading companies of the world who have the large influence on making the world more tech and innovation based.Also, there are commercial side to look out indeed. My little assessment on how the world witnessed a new trend. Lets read my thoughts on the affair.

Since the start of new scientific revolution, there has been a trend in all the Technological companies to bring best products to the market. It seems like, leading companies are in sweet competition with each other in that case.
I have seen that, those companies only motto was to increase the reputation and trying to launch much eforrt to the cause. It is a very close observation that I personally noticed during the years that, what we saw early.The previous century tech world was more of invent and discovery driven,but as we entered into a new century,technology changed its form to industry setting to commercialized culture and the practice is so widespread and deeply rooted in product manufacturing and selling it to customers.

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If we talk about smartphone and IT tech manufacturing companies, then apple, IBM, Nokia, Samsung pops out in the leaderboard. Their market is so widespread and large and there are numerous branches of it.All these branches all over the world like to attract people with their best products at different time,with the vision to capture more of the market than other companies.But, this has been extraordinary in a setting that you wont like, perhaps for me as the reason is the commercialized part of the tech giants. Well,there are a lot of reasons for that,where we need to think deeply and enter into the minds of tech CEO's and their corporate buildings.

It has been my close observation that tells me, the drift that has been made in the scientific world which tries to get through the monetary affairs and with the tendency to earn gains from the innovative sectors, they did this to turn one corner of the tech field to another. Basically,Scientists at that times pretty much understood the inner value of those products that they make,business Ideas came popping into their mind and thats how the technology field moved towards billion dollars companies that we see today.

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Maybe, the initial motive of science was to help people solve their problems from more rational side, as much as technology provided the key instruments to support the needs with flying colours and equipments in plenty.But, the knowledge to incorporate those broken parts to remodel a new thing,the Idea that lets create a new thing, lets be busy with something interesting and scientific thats what made a little warehouse to a big workshop, from little to many, the turnaround, and rest of it is a legendary story.

You may have heard Steve Jobs saying about his life, how he did great things, but I guess he wasnt rather extraordinary, he just had common beliefs.The Journey of Apple and Smartphone started from a little garage where he established inch by inch a new technology that sparked fire, 10 years of making the little project of two members to a multi billion dollar company which ranks the number one mobile manufacturing company.

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We all just look at external success but dont see the painstaking labour it took to build the empire.With steady effort they became successful and made the good use of science and its blessings, formulated plans how to grow big projects and come up upgrading new technology and better model. The amazing products we see now once was the perspiring effort of the technicians like Steve Jobs.
Today we see the whole market of IT instruments are driven by eother apple smartphones, IBM softwares, Samsung, Xiaomi, Microsoft etc.Bit all of them had the similar story.

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