Where Heart Follows... [Eng] // (A Melodic Story)..


Life is full of challenges, right? Is it worth enjoying or just passing times to move from one stage of life to another level, putting aside the feelings and hoping to live a better life in the remaining days to come. Well,people are there to judge and feel differently, it is like that. Once we go deeper into the realm of life, it never gets the same, because in the depth- there are no limits and only the endless things left to discover.

Today,I would write a story which would tell us about the lessons one learns throughout the life. A young boy and the human age in that time is not easy. Life gives offers and pains and regrets with heartbreak on the way,some memories pass away leaving us the only ashes on the heart. Yet,the pains sometimes flourishes like the flowers newly decorated the tree. We feel the pain, but much of what we end up enjoying the pain. Lets go and explore the story.

The birds from a long distance carried on the way to the mountainside, flapping wings high and with full free spirit, these creatures flew free and the long tidy wind drew them in a new village, full og greenery and the vegetations all over, beautiful garden and the fresh blue water just could circulated the seeds of life. It was like the place of heaven and while the birds settled in the big oak tree to take rest, they could see a young man, Andrew sleeping with the closed eyes, moving and the dark shadowy eyes could give off the sense of a warming sleep.

In his dreams, there was the russian fairy girl who seemed to come over and over again and came in frequencies, whispering into his eyes, and gazing a stunning and lovely look, her lips were just like the red strawberries; her face so coming and fair that the moon over the sky would faint and blush comparing herself with the fairy. The touch of her hands on Andrews chest felt like the plummy feathers fell into and the affection that arouse in his mind for her was unmatched, he could feel like losing himself.

The love wasnt so easy to control in that green age that Andrew was passing, the thought of her kept coming towards him and when he could feel that his whole vigilance, the times of dream, when he starts to stare at the above trees and the forest side afternoon walkings, her eyes could be seen and the thought of the girl seemed to have possessed his all moments. Andrew couldn’t think anything, accept looking at her, imagining her faces and the distance in between the both of the country. Andrew was in full confusion and crisis.

At one side, he was the elder son of his family and so the whole responsibility to carry on the wages and maintaining the expenditure seemed as a hard race to pull for him. At such age,when his complete focus was at the matter of building his own business and the company he works with; making progress and development, devoting more times on the affairs which he thinks as productive ; the sudden rush of whimsical love and the amoral thoughts that kept coming at him, took away the usual routines once he used to follow.

Quite a lot of times, he sat beside a blue river, in the park where the trees were green and the shades of the afternoon fall pretty quickly grasped the mind of him. It was not the matter of emotions amd going with the flow of where his heart takes him to, but he had to be more rational of keeping his choices that supported the needs of family. Because his hands were tied and when he felt that the responsibility is much more hard than the reality itself and he is all alone in life -- the thought made him to follow what his brain wanted to say, rather than the heart.

After a few days of active thoughts over the matter, he eventually came to a big conclusion. He had a quite a mediocre property unused and his father gave it to him and said once, do use it when your heart and brain would fall in the confusion, when they will go opposite way and you like to chose the heart, because thats where most of us find peace and happiness and I dont want to bury your personal happiness.

Andrew thought about the words and he could feel that his fathers call are so true and that the time has come at last to go for the option. He sold the property and grabbed some enough cashes and with his maternal consent, he flew to Russia and in the vision to carry forward his doctoral studies and the additional support for the family he planned should come by the newly formed business scheme there. He got onto the onboarding plane and took a trip there and a visa which proposed to 4 years stay there .

All his dreams seem to come true and his nerves were so jolly at the time, that the thought of reuniting with her whom he loved for so long time,ultimately going to come true! He felt the heart was saying a lot, the memories started to come afresh and it was like feeling the magic and the thrill, that he stopped saying anything. Years after years he spent on reciprocating ideas and letters, exchanging love to each other. His visit to her house would be great surprise, Andrew knew it.

Quite sometimes,we feel that the time passed in the await of something that would never going to be realized and the door of hope is closed down by the face of reality, that despite having wishes and strong desire to meet the person who is in serious love, start to seem like fading away and in the end we get a strong wind from nowhere which takes us to the person we want to meet - then how a man could feel? Andrew had no such feelings to grab that, but it was at least wonderful a dream, that even for far so long time he never dared to believe.

The plane landed on the capital and he packed all his luggages and from the airport got onto a car and told the driver to drive him until the Radison street appers and with the map in the seat, he drove instantly. It was estimated that the journey could be max 4 hours of time to reach there, as Andrews girl lived not much far from the capital. The Russian Fairy was the best diamond, close to his heart and so he even dared to put his life at risk to meet her.

The car drove on and on until the road came and it was afternoon at the place.The twilight seemed to appear at the sky and the brown sun rays covered the whole place. Andrew seemed to be quite afraid of meeting with his beloved,his heart began to best fast, its like he was in serious love with her that he was even romanticized to see her alive and in the fresh weather for the first time.Ah! What a feel and the suspense going through his mind.

He moderately knocked the door and anticipating someone else would come,maybe a waitress but instead a highly beautiful girl opened the door and at first she couldn’t recognise Andrew, its like a bit shrugging at first for him. Its him who flew all the way to reach there and staked up everything to meet with her, to say her that he loves her more than anybody on the earth, that he has deep feelings that never lets him take rest nor forget her.

Andrew said everything and gave her his address and she could then recognise it was Andrew with whom she passed hours in chatting and gossiping. Russian girls are good enough to greet even stranger and so out of habit or love, or whatever she took Andrew with her and greeted him with everything she had in the house. He told that, this time he would never let her go and hold hands permanently unto the end of life and he maanged to bring his business run in the Soviet belt and so both of them could get married some day.

The nights fell and Andrew took a deep sleep and began to visualise how the next ten years would be and the future with his girl. He knew that the life would be challenging, now its time to look ahead and hope for better days to come. The night drew deeper and the moon hid herself to the darkness.

Thanks For Reading.


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