Delegation fund to ease onboarding?


I was watching a video by @taskmaster4450 the other day.
Where he was talking about how people had to acquire resource credits before they could start using Hive, and how that would turn away a lot of the newcomers.

Delegation fund.png

That got me thinking one thing that could ease onboarding would be if there was a fund that would automatically delegate a certain amount of Hive to newly created accounts.
The accounts would then pay a small percentage of their income back to the fund, and the delegation would be stepped down as the account started to acquire it’s own Hive tokens.

I am thinking the most seamless way of doing this would be if it was part of the Hive code
That way new accounts would automatically get the delegation without having to wait for some 3rd party to discover them and then delegate to them.

If it was integrated into Hive it could be activated at the moment the user submitted a post or a comment that way avoiding a lot of delegations going to unused accounts.

The benefit of this would be that new onboarded members would be able to start using the Hive platform right away without having to pay to use it.
It would make it easier for people who don’t quite know how Hive works to just start using it, writing and commenting on posts.

What do you think about it?

Have a nice day & God bless

Here is the link to @taskmaster4450 ‘s post that I referred to: