Adventure in town building - Week 3 with dCity



I have decided to split my passive earning post into 3 different ones so I can focus on the 3 different hive based games I am playing.

Changes in dCity

Before I will start writing about my City and the changes, and achievements in my City a lot happened in the game itself.


The main important offer on the board is 50 Student(Debt) for 25 Hive, but please be aware that the offer is valid for a week only. This package is a large boo in income, thanks to a tax refund, and the potential as you can get far better citizens by paying out the debt (there is a risk attached to this by the way). Read more here:

Additionally, there is a shop for the Entry tokens, which in my noob opinion is a first use case for it. My only beef with it is that I do not have enough ENTRY tokens to buy anything, I hope it will change in the future.

My progress


A few days ago I have solved my trouble with a high tax. The solution was simple and not so expensive as I have bought the Law Firm which gives a 10% tax discount. As a result, I moved from -11 SIM income to +2, I got +3 a few cards later.

Additionally, I have bought a Solider citizen which gave me 0.1 of war income which ends up around 3 SIM per day. Not much but I will look more into war profits as they seem to be slightly higher than a tax deduction.

The last big change I have bought is 50 Student(Debt). Almost immediately I have paid 5 debts which gave me:

  • Profesor
  • Eco activist
  • Solider
  • Policeman
  • Economist
    Which is a very good draw for me, especially the Solider and Professor cards.

The unexpected result of getting a 50 tax refund is that I jumped to 385. position in income ranking, but I might be down as soon as other people will start buying the Student pack.

Additionally, I have my first training in homeless/immigrant happen. Again gods of luck were helping as I got the scientist, which is quite good as I am still trying to get as much Education as I can.

My current income.

I am getting the 0.002 Beer and 1.05 ENTRY. I am going to try to increase my entry income with a new store open and items which I can buy there.

I should also get around 59 SIM from my income.

Last but not least, I received 0.005 HIVE for my SIM POWER and maybe for my ranking position if I manage to climb it again.

What next.

I am still building my Education to mine technology cards, I am on 90, which gives me a 1% chance to mint a new card per day which is not a lot.

My very short appearance in the payable position in the Income ranking encouraged me to get a little bit more income to stay there permanently. I think it is possible, especially since I have around 40 unemployed citizens.



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