Being a dFarmer in this digital world - dCrops is evolving.


Hello everyone,

This is my usual sum-up done at the end of the dCrop season.

What is dCrop?

A dCrop is an NFT-based farming simulator. The game consists of 4 seasons, during which you can plan and later harvest card-based crops. As a result at the end of each season, the CROP( this is the token used) reward is paid based on the leaderboard. To get placed on the leader board you need to sell the harvested crops, the price depends on the crop and its quality.

My progress

I have pretty steady progress over the past weeks.


I have been getting quest chest every season. This is important as a chest provides some rewards cards, as well as boosters like mystery seeds, speed-gro and ferti-plus which can boost your end-of-season score and provide you with a little bit more CROP as result.

Additionally, I have been buying at least one piece of land per season to help me to plant more crops and get more rewards. This is slow and I am buying the cheapest ones but I can see it allowing me to grow more.

Unfortunately, other people have better progress as I was dropping in the Holding rewards rankings, which caused me to drop my daily rewards.

dCrop evolution

The good news is that the dCrop introduces the pre-sale of the beta packs.. This allowed me to purchase some of them and allowed me to climb in the ranking again. That is the first plus.

Additional, dCrop is getting a little bit more complex. There will be trees, flowers and buildings now. I think this will open possibilities for new gameplay and maybe will encourage more players.

After a pack opening, I will write more about the new blueprints and other plants to see how they can help me to evolve my strategies. For now, I am going to hold my beta packs to ripe the daily HIVE benefits, I hope I will enter the first 100 of Holders as well.