Being a farmer is not easy - dCrop end of season sum up.


Hello everyone,

This is a slightly delayed end of season summary post. As I have written previously, I have stopped writing about dCrop every week as there is not much happening in the season. Most of the time the share results are changing to the last minutes so the amount visible is nit so accurate. For example, most of this season my ~600 were worth around 1k CROP to drop to around 500 CROP at the end.

last season results

I have finished with 600 shares and around 500 CROP reward. This is not much but is roughly doubled my previous results which means my strategy is working.

Unfortunately I am still dropping in the overall rankings, I have dropped to 163 position which resulted in my daily earning droping to 0.038, not much but still 0.003 per day.

A plus of a new game approach I have two seasons in which I have completed all the missions and gained a total of 5 reward cards. We are still waiting for any new what will be available woth these card but I think it is good to start collecting them now.

strategy sum up

I have stopped buying the CROP every day. I am still doing it if I need to buy a mystery seed but I do get some as a reward for the quest completion, so I can spend less.
Instead of buying crop I am collecting swpa.hive and I am po urchuasing the land and card, mainly a commons. The reason for this change is to allow me to get more points for owned cards as well as to harvest more crops to get more shares. I am also buying mystery seed in how of getting some rare or legendary plants. Unfortunately this event did nit happen yet.

The last element of my winning strategy is to carefully set up the quest. I mean I am checking if all task are possible to execute with my cards and I am not afraid to reroll every one which I am nit able to achieve. For now, it take around 2 rerolls to get a doable task bl but once I has to do it 5 times, so it was worth the costs.