Rising as a Star - Week 4

Hello fellow players,

I do continue my route to stardom in the Rising Star game. You can check previous posts at: https://peakd.com/risingstar/@assassyn/rising-as-a-star-week-3

The main change this week is the plan to not withdraw any Starbits during the week to be able clearly to see how many SB I have earned.

My Progress

I am still keeping around 20 skills more than I have an ego. This allows me to have around one day without the need to take a music lesson as there is 15 ego point for the first round of all basic gigs. However, I think I need a guitar or two to minimalize number of lesson I have to take a week.


I have reached level 26, which is quite fine for my current progress, as I still need more cards and fans than level.


I have earned the 5355 Starbits this week, which does not allow me to buy my R typed people card to be able to play Saturday Support gig without drunken fans.



I have managed to jump 154 and I have reached the 5988 position in the ranking. I am still far from any payable position but I like the progress.


New cards

As I am saving for R people card I did not buy anything new this week.

Plans for next week

I do love the pizza box, it is still based on luck but allowed me to play all based gigs additional time a few times which produce a few hundred Starbits this week. I think I need to buy one or two more but first I want to get 200 fans from cards and maybe a new guitar or two.


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