Rising as a Star - Week 5


unfortunately, my post is delayed by one day but I made a lot of progress during this week.

Boring, week progress.


I am making around 1k STARBITS per day now. That means I have made 7620 SB this week. I have to spend 1k of them to try the promote missions, as a result, I have 0.02 STARPRO as well. I think that getting STARPRO on my level is too early and I should keep by bits and by cards to progress as fast as possible.

My income is very luck dependent, what I mean is it depends on how many pizzas slices I will get. There are days when I got zero slices and days when I get more than 2. Still, I like the average I got for now.

New Cards

cheap guitars for skills.png

I also have bought 2 new guitars to boost the amount of skill gained with lessons. Again my mistake was to buy 1 LUCK card, from now I will look for 10 luck cards only, as I do aim to improve the amount of skill gained not a unique card count (this will come later)


I got a large boost with my cards as I have won the card giveaway. What is more amazing is the R-rate people card, which boosted my fans to 255 which means I can take the Saturday Support mission.

This week's plans.

As I do not like my current luck-based income I need to buy the pizza slice, that way I will be able to recharge at least once a day, maybe two with a pizza box. I can do it as I do not need to buy a new people card as I have won one I needed.