Rising as a star - week 9




this is a usual Sunday post which just got slightly delayed.

Progress so far

I have reached level 40, which for now does not gives me anything.

I had quite a good week and I have managed to get around 14k of Starbits with an additional 0.04 StarPro. My ratio is around 2k per day which is much better than the 1k5 I have planned. I am also keeping my ego count below the skill count. This is simpler than the guitars I have bought.

New cards.

As I have mentioned I have bought all guitars I can afford to boost my skill-getting abilities. This gives me 12 to 25 Skill points, which makes the ability to get more skills in one go.

Plans for this week.

I am still having time when I am not receiving the cold pizza slices after a mission which suggests that I need one more pizza slice.

I need to progress in the fan's count as well to start climbing the second sector missions quicker, as after reaching the Local Gig Circuit all my Home town mission costs 2 ego.