Stupid simple strategies that sometimes works - undead martyr


as I have nose any good tutorial for Splinterlands for a long time ( yeah maybe because I have not looked for one but who cares) and because I have found a strategy or two which surprised me with its simplicity I would like to share it with you. I hope that my low-level league strategy will be useful for somebody other than me.

I am going to name this one Undead Martyr.


The idea behind this approach is simple. You put any card with Martyr skill in a position that will be killed as the first one card. I tend to put it as a First card. Then you need a secondary card with Resurect skill which will rise the martyr as soon as it is killed.

Example battle:

Why it can be used

As a result, the Martyr ability is triggered twice so your boosted card stats are +2 for each. This depending on the battle condition can give you a very big boost.

It should merge quite nicely with the Close range combat rule.

Why it should not be used

The most obvious disadvantage is that you are losing one of the slots, which can be used for several great 3 mana cards.

The second issue is that I am not sure how real advantage this strategy provides. However, I do love to see the double boost to my tank.

Another disadvantage of this strategy is the cost of the Resurect ability. It is not the starting ability, so you will have to level up some cards to unlock it. What is more all cards which can have this ability are rare so they will not be cheap.

When it can be used

As there are two cards required the cost of this strategy is quite high.

First, you need a Martyr card and for now, there are only 6 of them out of these 6 only 3 have a low mana cost, which is required for the card which is meant to die quickly.


Second, even higher costs are that you need Resurrect ability and there are 11 cards which can provide it. However, around 6 of them can be used in Modern.


Additionally, the strategy required at least mid-mana battles and I think there might be a better one to use than this.


I think it is an intelligent strategy.