Crypto market dribbles alot


When you thought you have gotten the predictions right on the crypto market , Boom!!!! Something comes up via the fundamentals and you start seeing the market do opposite of what you were predicting or had predicted concerning your favourite coin on the crypto market.

That is an evidence to make us understand that we cannot always be correct on the crypto market , there are some situations whereby we will be wrong or there are some situations whereby we are right but a kind of bad news comes in and disrupts the market and it makes the predictions go wrong.

We can call the crypto market a dribbler because it can sometimes dribble traders/investors on the market , but the good part of it all is that you can still achieve success on the crypto market no matter how much it dribbles or how much it keeps dribbling you as a trader , just ensure that you have a good trading strategy and a great risk management strategy that will make it possible for you to keep your investments safe and also make it possible for you to have more successful trades and less failed trades.


You do not have to necessarily win all trades on the crypto market before you can succeed on the market or before you can count yourself a successful crypto investor ..As long as the percentage of your successful trades overcomes that of your failed trades , then you are good to go and you are on the right path to achieve more success on the market , you should not allow yourself to get depressed because of your challenges on the crypto market.

As a trader , just keep ensuring that you keep learning and you never stop learning because having more knowledge about the crypto market will help you in your journey to achieve success as a crypto trader.


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