3D Print everything


Technology can be man’s best friend or worst enemy. Like any tool it can be harnessed for good or ill will. In a previous post I discussed how this transition could be eased via robotic miners. However, some aren’t fully convinced that robotic automation is here. Even worse some decision makers are avoiding the subject entirely.

Well it all begins with the basic necessities of life. Food and shelter are obviously the basics for all humans on earth. However, many parts of our planet lack these essentials. What if we could print what was needed?

Many countries have been working on 3D printing solutions for housing. Although the technology is not perfect structures have been built. And the cost have been a fraction of a normal stick built home. Now a bigger question remains. What happens when the tech is perfected? The cost, materials, and labor plummet. Now shelter is readily available without the 30 year mortgage.

Obviously there would be repercussions to the market place. Contractor job loss would be the first thing to occur. It would also send a ripple effect on single family homes in general. True disruption takes no prisoners. Yet, the upside is a lower cost option that is affordable for families.

3D printed food in my opinion is a novelty. However, it is already leading to indoor farming. With the rise of vertical farming global food production could skyrocket. In turn prices for food would plummet. True abundance created for every world city. Farm automation could also fuel productivity and cut costs.

Now I’m just scratching the surface on what I feel is on the horizon. Technology has a way of changing into various iterations. Like a storm it changes course continually. The idea here is to be ready when the change arrives. It may get chaotic for people but in the end I believe our issues can be resolved.

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